Get on the right side of The Great Reset

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The underdog’s guide to surviving The Great Reset.

The Great Reset isn’t coming, it’s here. Whether you like it or loathe it, whether you buy the narrative that this will be an inclusive egalitarian reboot of the system to the benefit of all, or you think that this is a massive power grab and wealth transfer by the haves over the have-nots, it doesn’t matter. It’s happened and there isn’t much you or I can do about it.

What we can do however, is position ourselves, our businesses and our investments such that we not only survive The Great Reset financially, but actually thrive in spite of it. In some cases those who recognize this societal phase shift early enough and position for it will not only be able to enhance their socioeconomic standing in the face of the New Normal, they’ll be able to stand the test of time and survive the coming Dark Age because they saw the signs and took action.

Where we're headed.

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