How we know that Bitcoin is a force for good

If you thought the Fed was suffering from mission creep now that they’re taking on climate change and social justice, just wait until they can directly program the money in your wallet. Bitcoin and cryptos are the antidote to the coming repressive Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Network States: A Primer

A phrase which has been coming up more often lately on the podcast circuit is the ‘Network State’ and the idea that our current default governance structure, the nation state, is in the process of being obsoleted by them. In many ways network states will be more oppressive than nation states. But what is also occurring are variations of the network state, enclaves built on decentralized crypto-currencies and principles of individual autonomy. I think of this phenomenon as an emerging league of crypto-sovereignties or “crypto-claves”.

In this piece I talk about how these three governance structures emerge, how they contrast with one another and how they will all compete for the future of governance.

Banks don’t see the asteroid coming.

Bitcoin is the value, Ethereum is execution and DeFi is an asteroid headed straight at an institutionally lethargic financial sector. Bitcoin / Ethereum will be the 60/40 of the future.

Could Facebook’s Diem become Fedcoin by default?

Why did US lawmakers kill Libra in the crib but have so far been silent on Diem? If the US is behind the curve in the race to a Central Bank Digital Currency, one way to jumpstart Fedcoin would be to use Facebook’s DiemUSD stablecoin.