November 5, 2021

The most recent edition of the Crypto Capitalist letter had a section about the COP26 summit that was about to commence in Glasgow:

In 1866 Gideon J. Tucker famously opined “No man’s life liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session”. The UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference of the Parties is happening this week and I’m bracing myself for the hysteria and generalized idiocy that will emerge from it.

There already experts who  are clucking that “conspiracy theorists” are promulgating the idea that climate lockdowns are on the way:

“A new report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a global organisation tackling extremism and polarisation, explains how this conspiracy claims that governments will strip people of their freedoms under the pretext of tackling climate change.”

Although conceding that “It’s important to recognise that fear of government overreach or authoritarianism is not in and of itself extremist” the eggheads at ISD fret that is problematic when “public issues are brought into a conspiratorial framework which implies there are unseen power dynamics at play”.

In the past, when the world’s wealthiest, most influential people, along with the heads-of-state of the most powerful nation states wing into Davos aboard their private jets and then re-emerge chanting “Build Back Better” like zombies, there’s nothing to suspect. Move along.

This week, after over 400 private jets shuttled the world’s movers and shakers into Glasgow for COP26. The big take away coming out of the confab is that it’s all about the methane.

Everybody knew methane is a greenhouse gas, but now it’s a media thing. From here on in it’s going to get political.

When the methane mantra erupted throughout the corporate media this week, seemingly on cue, I didn’t give it too much thought. I was bracing for climate lockdowns, we didn’t get them, at least not yet.

But thanks to my trusty “experts say” news alert filter, it soon became apparent to me what the play is likely going to be next…

You’ll Own Nothing, and Be Happy….

We’re all familiar the WEF montage depicting eight predictions for life in 2030. Prediction #1 was “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”

(Because global Marxism will be running the show…)

And whatever you want, or need, it’ll be delivered to your door (of your rental unit) by drone…

(Because you’ll be on permanent lockdown)

Goal Prediction number 4, was…



You’ll eat much less meat…. an occasional treat…. for the environment and your health.

Yes, it says “our health” in the one frame of World Economic Forum video. Tellingly, the rest of it is all you. You will own nothing, you will be locked in your apartment, supplied by drones, you will eat less meat.

As is typical, however, the 5-star menu from COP26 or any Davos shindig shows that soy patties and bugs  aren’t on the menu when  globalist elites are busily reimagining your future. The COP26 offerings contained some of the most carbon intense, red-blooded delicacies available: high grade Scottish haggis, venison, sounds yummy.

‘“According to the WWF, we (you) need to get [the carbon footprint of food] down below 0.5 kg CO2e [per meal] to reach the goals defined in the Paris Agreement,” reads a statement on each page of the online menu.’

You are going to have to ratchet your consumption below 0.5 kg of CO2e  per meal. The Scottish Beef Burger on the COP26 menu clocks in at 3.3kg C02e. By 2030 that’s probably going to be the good behaviour allotment of meat for you and I for like, a whole year.

In The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto (which you can get for free when you sign up for the Bombthrower mailing list), we reveal what this relentless push for The Great Reset is really about:

The messaging coming out of global elites such as the World Economic Forum, The Party at Davos, the International Monetary Fund and even places as disparate as The Vatican and Hollywood are all riffing on the same theme: You, the middle class, the lower class, the masses, are going to have to get used to a lower standard of living.

The real reason behind this isn’t because of climate change or even COVID. It’s because of the debt. The world is finally out of  runway from kicking the can down the road all those times the global economy threatened to backslide into recession, or when previous monetary bubbles imploded. All those decades of collectively living on credit and borrowing against the future have finally hit the wall. This is it. We’re here. The end of the debt super-cycle.

Its no coincidence that the Metaverse is also a new buzzword of the zeitgeist.  If these global elites have their way, then most of the plebeians are going to be shoved into VR tubes in their own apartments, where they can be intravenously fed a steady diet of soy protein. Any sundry maintenance expenses will be paid for by UBI which will, more than anything else, be a CBDC driven social credit system.

They’ll all be effectively Neo-Serfs, locked away from taking up space in the real world, which the elites (the top 1% of the 1%) will more or less own lock stock and barrel.

The divergence between the 1% and the 0.01%, and this is using 2015 data.

This all may be aspirational on the part of the Davos crew and terrifying for any of the outsiders who actually notice what is going on.

The truth is we’re in late-stage Globalism

But the reality is that we’re in late stage globalism and the technocratic scaffolding that underpins these machinations is actually in the process of imploding. I’ve outlined why here and here and I’m  doing another piece on it shortly.

There will be no Great Reset, there may be a Great Reject instead. There will be no AI inspired Singularity, but we may get a proverbial Tower of Babel moment instead. The world will not end because of climate change. Nation States are on the way out, Network States are on the rise. The fiat monetary system is coming to an end, and with it, all linear extrapolations of centralized, top-down governance models will become dysfunctional to the point of irrelevance.

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About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. Get your meat from Grassland Beef, AKA US Wellness, a farm cooperative: All farm raised the way they were 80 years ago, grass fed for ruminants: Bison, organ meats, pork, poultry, duck, season venison, beef and fish (but I can get that locally). No antibiotics, nothing artificial. I have been buying all my meat from them for twenty years. I receive no financial benefit I am just passing on my experience with them.

    I am already on the list and subscriber to Crypto Capitalist.

  2. At 200 calories for a quarter pounder, haggis burgers don't look unhealthy. Soy, on the other hand, contains high levels of phytoestrogen. So much so that soy has been applied for compensation of hormone deficiency in menopause.

  3. A few FUNDAMENTAL facts

    1. The WHOLE BIOSPHERE is responsible for just 10% of total Methane emissions. Animals with Rumens are likely to contribute maybe 5% of that 10% i.e. just 0.5% (? I don't have a number to hand and most of the so-called Science on the subject seems to be BS) Remember we are supposed to be counting Basal Rangeland Methane, swamps, rivers, people, etcetc
    2. If the animal does not eat the grass, the grass ROTS and emits Methane in doing so. This BASAL Methane production is TOTALLY left out of all the discussions and models in regard to Methane from Ruminants.
    3. Cows cannot synthesise Carbon Atoms in the Rumen. A cow cannot exhume what it does not EAT.
    4. CO2 from the atmosphere is absorbed by the grass in photosynthesis. It is turned into Sugars, Proteins and Cellulose in the grass which is then eaten by the animal.
    5. The Carbon then leaves the animal as breath (CO2), as farts (CH4) and in the manure as a variety of substances. The manure part is largely returned to the earth by worms, microbes, beetles etc. What happens in the soil is another cycle worth a treatise on its own.

    6. In total and summary, the cow cannot emit a single Carbon Atom it has not eaten. In fact, to an extent, the animal is a temporary Carbon Sink as it puts on Bodyweight!
    7. Again, in summary, Methane from Ruminant animals DOES NOT accumulate in the atmosphere. It is, essentially, recycled back to grasses through the photosynthetic process.
    8. CH4 has a lifetime in the atmosphere of just 3.2 years (latest data and in agreement with 1992 evidence before numbers started to get fudged to suit the political agenda.) during which time it is (fundamentally) turned into CO2 and H2O. The life of any particular Methane molecule will be decreased as concentration increases. So quoting simplistic numbers around Methane is just BS. ()Note: Estimated atmospheric Methane life was estimated at 3.2 years in 1992. It suddenly became 12 years without much actual data; then it became seven years; then it became five years!!! If all this climate science is SO EXACT why all this dodging, weaving, exaggeration and downright lies???????)
    9. CH4 is a combination of 2 +ve ions forced together. There is a lot of energy. I encourage all Greens and LYING JOURNALISTS to conduct an experiment. Take two cylinders into a room. One is CO2 and one of CH4. Turn on the tap of a cylinder of CO2, wait three minutes and then light a match. NOW, air the room, open the tap on the CH4, wait three minutes and light a match. Please DO it!!!!!! Note that a good electrical storm is likely to clean the sky of most of the Methane in the surrounds.
    10. Methane in the atmosphere seems to be destroyed by many processes. There are places where Methane plumes occur but Methane has returned to basal levels within 200M of the source. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown.
    11. There is ZERO evidence that CH4 is 80 x CO2 as an effective Greenhouse Gas. The Scientific number is accepted as 26. The 80 number published conflates a variety of factors not just the ACTUAL measure.
    12. Methane levels in the atmosphere have increased. If that is a problem then those concerned need to look at the REAL sources which include Coal Mines and Gas wells etc. Also, best to try shutting down the whole natural earth activity like volcanos swamps etc! Various attempts at identifying the major casues of the increase have been conflicting which means nobody really has an actual clue. So building Methane models into World Climate Change Models is just one more level of total BS added to a model.
    12. Current proportion Methane in the atmosphere is 1 part Methane to 1 BILLION parts of air (by volume)!!!!!!
    13. Could it possibly be that the whole reason for wanting to kill all the cattle is to great rid of independently minded people who do not bow to the New World Order?
    14. Lastly, If the Greens and COP attendants want to get rid of cattle I suggest they PERSONALLY start shooting all the 400 million Hindu cows (about 40% of the world herd) in India. I'll want some popcorn to watch the result of that. By contrast the COP morons are after Australia with 30 million head and USA with 94 million. China has 96 million and Brazil 230 million. But let's not worry about India, China and Brazil!!!

    It's obvious this is just one large mountain of lies with little more to it than a political agenda.

    I am an old (Australian) Agricultural Scientist specialising in Animal Production with Economics added. I also have a very clear understanding of models in regard to how they are constructed, the results they provide and their use (or lack of usefulness) as predictive mechanisms in complex biological systems)

    1. Thank you for all of that info! As a Geoscientist, I can quote a lot of reasons the "carbon crisis" is really that we're **too low** in atmospheric CO2, but did not know the animal side of things.

      The **real** reason they want to do away with cattle, and other meat (whole protein) sources is control. They're making us sick and ill via all sorts of chemicals into us in all sorts of ways. By eliminating much of the whole protein in our diets, we'll be made physically weak, and lacking in brain power, as well.

  4. The communist assault is and has always been a Jewish race war of extermination against Whites.
    Bell the cat — while you can.

  5. While I will stipulate that I don't know the worldwide biomass or methane production capacity, I have to wonder how much methane is produced by termites and millipedes(and possibly other cellulose digesting organisms) relative to cattle.
    Perhaps before eliminating cattle farming, we should exterminate all deer and rabbits, defoliate all the rain forests and bring back chlordane as a termiticide. That might have much greater effect in reducing methane in the atmosphere.
    Most(all?) cellulose digestion is accomplished by gut bacteria that have the capability to chemically break down that very tough carbohydrate. The bacteria are then themselves digested by the cow, termite, millipede etc,
    Getting rid of cattle is either very stupid or else very malevolent. Or both.

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