November 10, 2021

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After years of bemoaning that inflation was “undershooting” targets, central bankers can no longer deny that inflation is here. From what I wrote earlier this year:

“The stated aim of central banks the world over is explicitly and literally to create inflation, at a rate exceeding 2% per year. They will not tighten monetary policy until inflation has been “achieved” (more accurately, “unleashed”) and then the plan is to softly reign it in once inflation averages above 2%. Does anybody remember what Janet Yellen said about reducing the Fed balance sheet and normalizing interest rates when she was Fed chair? She said it would be “like watching paint dry”. Do you remember what happened when Jerome Powell actually tried to tighten?”
— via The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto, free download when you join the Bombthrower list (emphasis added)

Now comes the characteristic gaslighting, with corporate media complicity, that inflation is (pick one):


Temporary, or even beneficial….

or just another  right-wing talking point…

Because for these insular and detached from reality elites, struggling to feed your family, make rent or mortgage payments or keep your small business running are problems for other people. Little people. Deplorable people.

Here’s Biden nominee for Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova hoping that oil and gas operations especially the smaller operators, GO BANKRUPT, in order to combat climate change.

Meanwhile, as Doomberg observes in this recent interview with George Gammon: The same time that we’re literally killing our own oil and gas industry in the name of climate change we’re  simultaneously begging OPEC to boost production. (Also see Doomberg’s “America’s Energy Strategy is Bonkers”, even though it’s not just America. Canada should be an energy superpower but we’re saddled with another coddled, trust-fund Davos-darling for a PM who loathes our own resources and looks down his nose at entire industries.

In what universe is this rational? It isn’t. This is left-wing, champagne socialist logic run wild. Ordinarily that would be annoying but tolerable. If only the governments, academia, media and the Big Tech apparatus of western welfare states weren’t completely captured by woke, climate alarmist, COVID worshipping Marxists.

Because now, when everything finally does go off the rails because of supply chain breakdowns, labour shortages and skyrocketing energy and commodity costs, guess who or what is going to be blamed?

…Capitalism, and free markets run wild. 


This is why people are quitting the whole damn system. It’s why the labour force participation rate isn’t coming back.

It’s why US citizens renouncing their citizenship is in a secular uptrend and hitting all time highs.


It’s why cryptos are at nihilism levels. They’re the last, best opt-out and “f-you” from the rabble to the powers that be.

Read these two twitter threads, one by Raoul Paul the other by Alex Good, both read by Coindesk’s NLW for Long Reads Sunday last week.

Which one correctly summarizes why cryptos are at nihilism levels? They both do. But Alex’s sheds more light on why we’re inching closer to torches and pitchforks, all over the world.

Remember what set off the Arab Spring. That seemingly unforeseen wave of cascading revolutions that swept away hitherto impervious regimes in mere months. It was cost-of-food inflation. Nothing sinks rulers, no matter how despotic or autocratic, faster than empty stomachs. Once a pissed-off populace who sees no legitimate recourse for their grievances and who have lost all faith in their institutions, elected officials and media feel like there’s nothing left for the despots to take, look out.

While these events tend to follow the “gradually then suddenly” arc, the obliviousness of the elites to the growing disenchantment of the plebes becomes increasingly palpable. This serves as an accelerant unto itself.

Turn on CNN and I’ll lay you even odds they have a panel on right now hashing out how infantile, racist and ignorant at least half the population is for not drinking whatever Woke-flavoured Kool-Aid they’ve been drilling into everybody else’s head for the last 23 hours.

Here’s Amy Siskind blaming the recent  electoral loss of the establishment anointed candidate in Virginia on uneducated white women, who, btw, disgust her.

These people, our betters, are smug to the point of sociopathy. They think nothing of blithely reimagining your lives because they think they know what’s better for you, for everybody else but themselves. All the destruction their policies have wrought, having utterly destroyed market signalling, fomented an imploding economy and exacerbated wealth inequality, that’s on you, not them.

They’re not even trying to hide their derision and condescension anymore.

What To Do About It?

Turn off your TV. Cancel every paid subscription to mainstream corporate media outlet. Read more books. Buy gold, buy silver. Start a business, even on the side. Set up multiple streams of income.

Do not allow yourself to become reliant on government subsidies and if you are now, make it your goal to get out of it. By the time the CBDCs roll out, it’ll be too late.

If you have the means, set up your Plan B: second passport, multiple residences, multiple jurisdictions. If you don’t have the means, make this your goal. We’re in a Fourth Turning and this is going to play out over the next decade.

If you haven’t already, start stacking sats (buy crypto in small increments on a regular basis). Find out why HODL-ing and earning crypto is the main escape hatch from what’s to come.

The insular elites have made it clear: they’re out to bulldoze the middle class. The established order is not your friend or benefactor. That said, as I’ve been writing about lately, they’re about to find out they little control they actually have.

That’s when things could really come unglued.

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Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. ''… the Arab Spring. That seemingly unforeseen wave of cascading revolutions that swept away hitherto impervious regimes in mere months. It was cost-of-food inflation. Nothing sinks rulers, no matter how despotic or autocratic, faster than empty stomachs.''

    I had the impression that what happened to Gaddafi in Libya was caused by the recruiting and importation of c. 240,000 ISIS mercenaries from Syria and Iraq, paid for by MOSSAD and the CIA, and that these terrorists murdered not short of a million Libyans, while the US airforce (under the UN flag) bombed all the facilities Gaddafi had provided for his people – who still fondly remember his birthday. Who at the top recruited these terrorists, and why?

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