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October 16, 2023

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It should come as no surprise to anyone following my work when I say that both mainstream and alternative media are, to a very large extent, part of the controlled dialectic put forth by the ruling class. It helps to maintain a division of society, promulgated by useful idiots and true believers of either side’s dogma.

Malcolm X’s famous quote applies:

The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. This is the press, an irresponsible press. It will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

It behooves everyone to have a healthy skepticism of whatever they hear no matter the outlet. But even more concerning to you is when they all begin to push the same narrative. In this report you’re going to see just how much effort some are willing to exert in the maintenance of a popular scapegoat – the Freemasons.

In the days following the breakout of violence in Israel and Gaza Greg Reese, producer of the popular Reese Report, published a video outlining the contents of a letter allegedly written by Freemason Albert Pike on August 15, 1871. The very same letter was reported on in rapid succession by mainstream outlets The Daily Star, Daily Mail,, and in 2016. A South African newspaper also reported on it in 2013.

All these reports make mention that this letter “allegedly” exists, but none went so far as to even attempt to confirm this. They didn’t investigate the sources, and merely uncritically repeated something that appeared too good to be true.

The Devil in the Nineteenth Century

We must go back over 130 years to get to the bottom of this story, and it all begins in France with a man named Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès, better known as Léo Taxil. Born in 1854 he was placed in Jesuit seminary school, where he came to be disillusioned with the Catholic faith and religion in general.

Léo Taxil circa 1880, from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Eventually becoming a writer, he targeted Christianity with scathing critiques such as The Holy Pornographers: Confession and Confessors and The Pope’s Mistresses. He even ventured into satirical pieces like The Life of Jesus, making a mockery of the immaculate conception, and The Amusing Bible. In 1884 he wrote The Secret Loves of Pope Pius IX, which is exactly what the salacious title suggests and eventually led to accusations of libel.

Also in 1884, Pope Leo XIII published an encyclical on Freemasonry where he declared:

The race of man, after its miserable fall from God … separated into two diverse and opposite parts, of which the one steadfastly contends for truth and virtue, the other of those things which are contrary to virtue and to truth. The one is the kingdom of God on earth … The other is the kingdom of Satan … At every period of time each has been in conflict with the other, with a variety and multiplicity of weapons and of warfare, although not always with equal ardour and assault. At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the destruction of holy Church publicly and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom, if it were possible, of the blessings obtained for us through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Perhaps swayed by this polemic, Taxil announced he had converted back to Catholicism in 1885 and set to work on an entirely different literary endeavor with a new target, the Freemasons. Over the next several years he published Les Mystères de la Franc-Maçonnerie, a four-volume history of Freemasonry containing curious-but-unsourced accounts of eyewitness’s participation in strange rites. The books were sensational and Taxil even had an audience with Pope Leo XIII himself to congratulate him on all his good works exposing the dastardly plans of the Freemasons.

The best was yet to come, however, when he teamed up with Dr. Karl Hacks to write the two-volume Le Diable au XIXe Siècle, published in 1892 and 1894, telling the insider tale of one Diana Vaughan in the words of Doctor Bataille. The lurid details of her account boggle the mind. She was a member of the Palladium Rite, under the command of Albert Pike, where she was involved in ritual orgies and blood sacrifices. They would summon demons in physical form, and she was even betrothed to one of them.

Chapter 25 of the second volume is entitled “Plan of the Secret Chiefs,” and it purportedly contains the text of a plan written on August 15, 1871, by Albert Pike and the leadership of the Palladium Rite, detailing their plan for the destruction of Roman Catholicism. The description of the final coup-de-grace contains a paragraph that has gone on to be legend:

Therefore, when the autocratic Empire of Russia will become the citadel of papist adonaism, we shall unleash the revolutionary nihilists and atheists, and provoke a formidable social cataclysm, which will demonstrate clearly to the nations, in all its horror, the effect of absolute unbelief, mother of savagery and of the bloodiest disorder. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the mad minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilization; and the countless disillusioned adonaites, whose deist soul have up until that time remained without a compass, thirsting for an ideal, but not knowing which God is worthy of tribute, will receive the True Light, by the universal manifestation of the pure Luciferian doctrine, at last made public, an event that will arise from a reactionary movement following the destruction of atheism and adonaism, together at the same time vanquished and exterminated.

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Catholics fell in love with Taxil’s work, and a Catholic journalist by the name of Abel Clarin de la Rive became friends with Taxil, believing unreservedly in his revelations about the Masonic threat the Church faced. Taxil authorized de la Rive to publish a quote by Albert Pike alleged by Diana Vaughan, Taxil’s whistleblower, in his 1894 book La Femme et l’Enfant Dans la Franc-Maçonnerie Universelle:

That which we must say to the world is that we worship a god, but it is the god that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: The masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the higher degrees, maintained in the Purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him?

Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods; darkness being necessary for light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive.

Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy, and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.

The assault upon Freemasonry drew intense criticism from their ranks, as well as from other esoteric societies. In 1896 Arthur Edward Waite, a British poet and mystic who wrote extensively on the occult, published Devil Worship in France, a comprehensive refutation of Taxil’s allegations.

By 1897 everyone was becoming impatient with Taxil, whose stories had been growing ever more radical and grotesque. They wanted to meet Diana Vaughan, in person, and Taxil eventually obliged.

The Confession

On the evening of April 19, 1897, Taxil held a press conference at the Hall of the Geographic Society in Paris. Many reporters, Catholic priests, Freemasons, monks, and other illustrious figures from around the world were in attendance. After raffling off a typewriter used by Diana Vaughan (the winner being M. Ali Kental, Editor of Ikdam, at Constantinople), Léo Taxil finally addresses his audience.

He reveals there is no Dr. Karl Hacks, there is no Dr. Bataille, there is no Diana Vaughan, there is no Palladium Rite.

“There wasn’t the least masonic plot in this story,” he says, and denies that his conversion to Catholicism was in earnest – all part of the prank, to win the Church’s trust and approbation. Diana Vaughan was a real person, but she was only his typist and collaborator in this colossal fraud designed to deeply embarrass the Catholic Church and become the crown jewel of his anti-clerical work.

Slandering Freemasons was the best way to establish the foundations of the colossal prank of which I savored all the suave happiness in advance. – Léo Taxil

After explaining in immense detail how everything he published on Freemasonry over the last 12 years was a monumental hoax, Taxil concludes his press conference saying, “You were told that Palladism would be knocked down today, better still, it is annihilated, it is no more,” and that “Palladism is now dead for good. Its father just murdered it.” The audience erupts calumniously, with Catholics hissing and screaming, a priest mounts a chair to try and maintain order, and it becomes obvious why Taxil had the attendees check their walking sticks at the door – some would certainly have beaten him to death on the spot.

Baphomet features heavily in the Taxil hoax and is included in many bogus illustrations of Masonic lodges and rituals, such as this one from page 89 of the first volume of Le Diable au XIXe Siècle.

They ought to have known better, though, as Taxil’s extensive use of the Baphomet throughout the entirety of his hoax was a dead giveaway that not all was as it seemed. Created several decades prior by another Frenchman, Éliphas Lévi, it was clearly stated in the book in which it first appeared that it was not a representation of a demon or the devil, but something far more complex and esoteric. Ultimately, it was Lévi’s attempt at rehabilitating the image of the extinct Knights Templar, who were massacred by the Catholic Church in the year 1312 after a campaign of blood libel, and false confessions obtained by gruesome tortures. Nevertheless, it found great use being circulated by others like Taxil and de la Rive as a demonic idol.

The shock of Taxil’s confession, the entirety of which was published in Parisian newspaper Le Frondeur on April 25, 1897, rocked the world. The same day Le Père Peinard, a weekly Parisian journal for anarchists, published a detailed recounting of the event.

Here is but a sampling of other stories published about Taxil’s infamous confession:

Taxil further elaborated on the intentions behind his grand hoax in a 1906 interview in Volume XXIV of The National Magazine:

The public made me what I am; the arch-liar of the period, for when I first commenced to write against the Masons my object was amusement pure and simple. The crimes I laid at their door were so grotesque, so impossible, so widely exaggerated, I thought everybody would see the joke and give me credit for originating a new line of humor. But my readers wouldn’t have it so; they accepted my fables as gospel truth, and the more I lied for the purpose of showing that I lied, the more convinced became they that I was a paragon of veracity.

Then it dawned upon me that there was lots of money in being a Munchausen of the right kind, and for twelve years I gave it to them hot and strong, but never too hot. When inditing such slush as the story of the devil snake who wrote prophecies on Diana’s back with the end of his tail, I sometimes said to myself: “Hold on, you are going too far,” but I didn’t. My readers even took kindly to the yarn of the devil who, in order to marry a Mason, transformed himself into a crocodile, and, despite the masquerade, played the piano wonderfully well.

One day when lecturing at Lille, I told my audience that I had just had an apparition of Nautilus, the most daring affront on human credulity I had so far risked. But my hearers never turned a hair. “Hear ye, the doctor has seen Nautulius,” they said with admiring glances. Of course no one had a clear idea of who Nautilus was, I didn’t myself, but they assumed that he was a devil.

Ah, the jolly evenings I spent with my fellow authors hatching out new plots, new, unheard of perversions of truth and logic, each trying to outdo the other in organized mystification. I thought I would kill myself laughing at some of the things proposed, but everything went; there is no limit to human stupidity.

Taxil would die ten months later in March 1907. In November of the same year the Sydney-based Catholic Press published an anonymous letter eulogizing Taxil as “The World’s Worst Liar,” and that he had “died despised by those who had known him and by the great world he had cheated,” while calling him a “horrible buffoon,” whose “thrilling fairy tale under the guise of fact took the Catholic world by storm.” More accurately, however, they also called his hoax “the most successful fraud of the nineteenth century,” something Taxil certainly would have taken as a compliment.

It was Taxil’s intent to exploit people’s tendency towards confirmation bias in his hoax, which had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. However, what he didn’t foresee was that the egos of his victims were so big that they would carry on pushing his fabrications as if nothing had happened. Confession or not, it had to be true.

The World in Chaos

With World War I kicking off in 1914, followed by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, people were scrambling for a coherent explanation of why so much chaos was being sown around the world. In 1920 a book called The Cause of World Unrest emerged attempting to explain it all. It was an anonymous compilation of essays originally published in the London Morning Post in July of the same year.

In one of the essays we find Taxil’s magisterial hoax cited as truth, describing the chapter already mentioned above from Le Diable au XIXe Siècle about the written plan drawn up on August 15, 1871 by the fictitious Palladian Rite for global destruction. A familiar paragraph from the so-called plan is reproduced in The Cause:

That is why, when the autocratic Empire of Russia will have become the citadel of Papal Christianity (adonaisme papiste), we shall unchain the revolutionary Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm, which will demonstrate clearly to the nations, in all its horror, the effect of absolute unbelief, mother of savagery and of the most bloody disorder. Then, everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the mad minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned of Christianity, whose deist soul will up to that moment be without compass, thirsting for an ideal, but not knowing where to bestow their worship, will receive the True Light, by the universal manifestation of the pure Luciferian doctrine, at last made public, a manifestation which will arise from the general movement of reaction following the destruction of Atheism and Christianity, both at the same time vanquished and exterminated.

There is no mention of Taxil’s sensational confession in the pages preceding or following the reproduction of this part of the hoax. It does say in The Cause that this quote and the document it allegedly comes from could be a hoax, but that it nevertheless is quite prophetic.

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But was it really? The rising tide of revolutionary socialism in the late 19th century was surely no stranger to Taxil. Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto had been in circulation for decades prior to Taxil creating the hoax, and bloody revolution was already being openly discussed. It was only a matter of where it would first emerge, and popular locations for that had already been determined to be Russia or Germany.

The Cause would go on to be used in the 1925 book called The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled, published by Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Chile. In it, the Cardinal uncritically repeats what he found in The Cause, reproducing verbatim the same paragraph from Taxil’s hoax. How a Catholic Cardinal would not know this was a fabrication is surprising seeing that he would have been nearly thirty years old at the time of Taxil’s confession and by then already an ordained priest.

Three World Wars

In 1955 retired Canadian naval officer William Guy Carr published the first edition of Pawns in the Game, which was his interpretation of the Communist New World Order conspiracy theory. In 1958 a revised and expanded edition of the book was released where he includes a discussion about Albert Pike and a plan that he made about an upcoming three world wars:

Pike’s plan was as simple as it has proved effective. He required that Communism, Naziism, Political Zionism, and other International movements be organized and used to foment the three global wars and three major revolutions. The first world war was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia and turn that country into the stronghold of Atheistic-Communism. The differences stirred up by agentur of the Illuminati between the British and German Empires were to be used to foment this war. After the war ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

World War Two, was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists. This war was to be fought so that Naziism would be destroyed and the power of Political Zionism increased so that the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine. During world war two International Communism was to be built up until it equalled in strength that of united Christendom. At this point it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm. Can any informed person deny Roosevelt and Churchill did not put this policy into effect?

World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agentur of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. The war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam (the Arab World including Mohammedanism) and Political Zionism (including the State of Israel) will destroy themselves while at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically. Can any unbiased and reasoning person deny that the intrigue now going on in the Near, Middle, and Far East isn’t designed to accomplish this devilish purpose?

It is quite amazing that Pike would discuss things like Nazis and Fascists decades before they emerged on the world stage. On the next page we find Carr attributing this to the same plan made on August 15, 1871, from Taxil’s Le Diable au XIXe Siècle – though nothing of the sort appears there.

WARNING: Secret Economic Death Trap

Carr later quotes the exact same paragraph that does actually appear in Le Diable au XIXe Siècle, previously reproduced in The Cause and The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled by Cardinal Rodriguez. Carr asserts that Pike’s document is held at the British Museum Library in London, however this seems to be due to his misreading of The Cause, which stated that Taxil’s work is what was stored there, not the August 15, 1871, plan by Albert Pike that Taxil invented.

Picture 1 of 4

In another book Carr published in 1959 called Satan: Prince of This World, Carr again brings up the letter that he seems blithely unaware was part of a hoax. He qualifies it, however, this time with a footnote:

The Keeper of manuscripts recently informed the author that this letter is NOT catalogued in the British Museum Library. It seems strange that a man of Cardinal Rodriguez’s knowledge should have said it WAS in 1925.

Not strange at all, the Cardinal was simply resurrecting a hoax that had been dead for decades, and Carr was less of a researcher than he deigned himself to be.

Fast forward to 2003, and an Englishman by the name of Michael Haupt registers the website He quickly publishes a page about Albert Pike containing a paraphrased version of Carr’s discussion about three world wars from Pawns in the Game. In this iteration Haupt added quotation marks to make it seem as though these were Pike’s actual words from the plan written in 1871, and not the fabrication of Carr, who Carr ultimately attributed to the fabrications of Taxil, though it doesn’t even appear there.


The Taxil hoax remains a centerpiece, knowingly or unknowingly, of the anti-Masonic diatribes you presently hear. Not just Catholics, but people of all stripes are repeating it, or inventing their own extensions of it as Carr and Haupt did. Even the mainstream media is not immune to repeating this hoax. Every time you hear the word “Luciferian,” you have Taxil to thank.

All this continues in spite of the fact that the hoax is well-known to historians and other members of academia. For instance a 1970 paper in the Journal of Church and State covers the hoax. Italian attorney and professor of sociology Massimo Introvigne has published research and delivered presentations discussing Taxil’s hoax. He devotes an entire chapter to it in his 2016 book Satanism: A Social History.

More interesting is the fact that we already have a real-life case of Masonic subterfuge in the case of the Italian Propaganda Due (P2) lodge, led by Licio Gelli. This, however, was a group of fierce anti-communists drawn from the ranks of a broad spectrum of political ideologies, who managed to collapse a mob bank that was also doing significant business with the Vatican. Their activities do not fit the New World Order conspiracy model, and so perhaps that is why they are ignored.

Why is Taxil’s hoax regaining circulation in the present day? We must ask whom that serves. Recall the quote at the beginning by Malcolm X and what you’ve observed in recent times where this hoax is being resurrected. Something is afoot, perhaps the third world war, and the misdirection campaign appears to have already begun.

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  1. The article above states, "Every time you hear the word “Luciferian,” you have Taxil to thank." If memory serves, it was Albert Pike himself that stated in his work, "Morals and Dogma" that Lucifer was God, but that Adonai was "unfortunately" also God.

    1. Yes, Pike wrote in 1871 that, “LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, for traditions are full of sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!” (Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 321, see Ch. XIX: Grand Pontiff).

      1. You clearly have not read the full quote, but I congratulate you on getting the page number correct:

        “The Apocalypse is, to those who receive the nineteenth Degree, the Apotheosis of that Sublime Faith which aspires to God alone, and despises all the pomps and works of Lucifer. LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! for traditions are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations : and Inspiration is not of one Age nor of one Creed. Plato and Philo, also, were inspired.”

        So the 19th degree "aspires to God alone, and despises all the pomps and works of Lucifer."

        Funny how the rabid anti-Masons like to leave that part out, huh?

  2. Why would you leave this relevant pro-Lucifer quote from Albert Pike out of your article?

    "LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness!

    Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!"

    -Albert Pike, Morals And Dogma (1871), pp.206 of 705

      1. The part of your article that makes sense is the part about the "three world wars" letter being discredited, but this was done previously by Terry Melanson in 2015.

        (1) Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said back in 2008 during the financial crisis that he and his company were doing "God's work". At the time, many people asked the logical question, "which God?" By your logic, we should take Blankfein at his word that he serves God and not Lucifer. (rather than looking at the fruits of what Blankfein and Goldman Sachs has wrought)

        (2) In Pike's quote from Morals and Dogma, it is clear he expressed a certain fondness for Lucifer and it's "splendors intolerable". You're correct that ostensibly the 19th degree "despises the works of Lucifer" … But would a man of God (Pike) write about the father of lies (Lucifer) being a fountainhead of "splendors intolerable"? Somehow I doubt it.

        (3) Others have addressed it here, but how are we to know that Leo Taxil was not a 'limited hangout operation'? The fact that he hated the Catholic Church is not sufficient. Are we just supposed to take the word of a supposed fraudster on what are lies and what is true?

        (4) You write, "Every time you hear the word “Luciferian,” you have Taxil to thank.". This is nonsense. Luciferian worship has been the cornerstone of occultism for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Michael Aquino, Jack Parsons (NASA JPL founder), and Aleister Crowley were all influential Lucifer worshipping occultists who were not inspired by Leo Taxil. In fact, Bailey founded Lucis Trust (Lucifer's Trust) which became an official UN organization. Bailey also published the magazine "Lucifer".

        What is your agenda here? Because it sure seems like your agenda is to discredit the idea that our elites are Luciferian in nature.

        1. 1) That certainly isn’t my logic. You’re stuck in a false dichotomy.

          2) “Lucifer” is not the father of lies, as described in the Bible. That title is reserved for Satan. In fact, the word “Lucifer” appears only once in Isaiah, and only as an epithet of the King of Babylon. You also seem to be struggling with the word “intolerable.”

          3) A limited hangout is indeed what I’m deeming this. If you have ANY evidence to suggest the Palladian Rite actually exists, or that Albert Pike said any of the alleged things, produce it. Otherwise the case of this hoax is closed and you’re simply clinging to hate and prejudice.

          4) Whenever someone presently uses the word “Luciferian” the Taxil hoax is exactly what they’re referring to. Everything you just pointed to came after it.

          The agenda is the true “Luciferians” (which isn’t really a thing, they only use that word to drive Christians into a frenzy) have misled you into hating the wrong group. I literally began the whole article by stating this.

          So, what is your agenda?

          1. As a point of information, I believe Blavatsky and Theosophy preceded Taxil's hoax. She founded the theosophical society in 1875. And it seems that others mentioned above inherited their ideas from Blavatsky, not from Taxil.

          2. The word “Luciferian” does not appear in any of Blavatsky’s major works, like Isis Unveiled, or The Secret Docrine. It was coined by Taxil.

            Blavatsky discusses the subject of Lucifer in her books, just as Albert Pike does. But that does not mean they are “Luciferians” in the way that word is meant.

          3. My agenda is the truth. You didn't address my points about modern Luciferians, and apparently you think that the wicked actions of Luciferians like Aleister Crowley or Alice Bailey have their proximal cause in Leo Taxil.

            Crowley, for just one example, engaged in depraved "sex magick' and wrote poems extolling the virtues of sodomy, pederasty, bestiality, and necrophilia. I assume you are opposed to this – why? Are you seriously going to argue whether this evil is more appropriately called Luciferianism, Satanism or Thelema? Or perhaps whether the evil deity behind the veil is actually Ba'al or Moloch? This is a bad faith appeal to semantics.

            And you didn't address any of my points. What do you think of Alice Bailey's Lucifer's Trust and her magazine "Lucifer"? Are you going to say that's from Taxil as well? Because if you are, you better bring the receipts.

            You are completely wrong about Leo Taxil being the origin of the word "Lucifer". Yes the word originates in the Bible, but it's also all over the Western Canon, like in Dante's Inferno. Next article you are going to be telling everyone that Dante was influenced by Taxil despite preceeding it.

            Let me ask you, do you believe in God? Do you believe in Satan? Are you a moral relativist? I'm certainly curious to know.

          4. Seems hate has blinded you and pride made you incorrigible. I didn’t say Taxil coined the word “Lucifer”, he coined “Luciferian”.

            Point me to ANY text prior to 1885 where that word appears.

            Point me to ANY canonical source using the word “Lucifer” as a reference to the Devil/Satan.

            Point me to ANYTHING written by Albert Pike where he says Masons worship Lucifer.

            If you cannot, rest assured you’re a pawn for the Lord of Lies.

  3. LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! for traditions are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations:

  4. Are we to believe that the sea of one eyed devil worshipping degenerates of Hollywood are all just using the creative license of humor to sell tickets. That Alister Crowley made up his sex magik thesis of raping young boys, defiling them, cannibalizing them & declaring himself 666 the beast for attention. That multitudes of children giving testimony to courts both here and abroad about satanic ritual abuse is a ruse created to get attention. That 1st hand accounts of “hunting” parties, ritualistic orgies, children kept in cages to be defiled sexually then used in snuff films and sold thru a vast pedophilic network are just a couple bad apples or that the Bohemian Club is just a bunch of good ol boys dancing around effigies of molech for laughs. Or that the pentagram Masonic layout of DC is mere coincidence lol. That secret societies don’t exist, nor handshakes, nor rituals, nor references to Lucifer the lite beater in Masonic texts, that wealthy men are not sworn to secrecy under penalty of death is just a tawdry smear to use masons as a scapegoat

    1. Whoa, slow down there cowboy.

      Just because it isn't the Masons, doesn't mean it's not happening at all.

      You may want to read some of my other posts.

  5. Well, it isn't really surprising that something that is well known in academia isn't well known to journalists. Just consider the case of the quantum yin-yang…

    But big thanks for this. I already knew the story going back to Cardinal Rodriguez, but not what went before. Another InfoWars report (by Jon Bowne, I think) claimed that the ancient Greeks had beliefs about the planet Pluto (discovered in 1930 A.D.)

    In my opinion the whole thing boils down to this: Mainstream science reporting is so bad that Greg Reese and Jon Bowne can compete with it, because, if we analyse the causes, the media gets its money either from lobbyists for lying or from its audience for entertaining it.

    Btw., the idea that God has to be light and darkness at the same time goes back to Zoroaster, and more recently, and more pertinently, it has been revived by Ignatius of Loyola in his work The Spiritual Exercises, although only between the lines, as an implicit axiom he uses to justify his opinions, and Pope Francis keeps on making weird remarks of this sort as well, for instance that if you only worship the dievil from time to time, you're still his servant, which makes me think "Like every sunday at 10 A.M.?" Hmm, well, if you think that protestants are devil worshippers, which Loyola might have believed, it makes sense to resort to this kind of Ahura Mazda / Ahriman – dualism and this may be the reason why some think that Leo Taxil's inventions "must be true".

    It's actually quite interesting how the idea of daimons changed from Plato's Nomoi to the gospels to the medieval period. Plato thought of them as something dignified, one's true personality that seeks to mainfest itself, say, in the gospels they are less noble compulsions and since they have grown bat wings and stuff.

    Arab Christians still call their boys Lucifer, btw., that is Tariq, as Latin Christians did until 400 A.D. or so.

    Well, I could keep on writing about things, Arianism, Neoplatonism etc., but I better stop here. Won't give you my real name, maybe you read this. No need to publish it.

  6. Bravo you have done the Brotherhood proud with this one!

    The unenlightened need constant reminders that Taxil’s work, just like the Protocols, are merely elaborate forgeries that just happen to comport with reality.

    Next time please write a polemic against survivors of SRA. We can’t have their stories, that strangely enough appear to align with those told by the fictitious Ms Vaughan, getting any airtime.

    Remember it’s for the stability of society at large.

    Thanks again

  7. The title "World's Greatest Liar" was bestowed on Louis de Rougemont (Henry L. Grin, 1847-1921), for his commissioned press reports in 1899 of strange turtle-riding civilizations that he claimed to have encountered while exploring central West Australia.

  8. really nice article you got posted there…now would you please give a one sentence reader's digest version and bottom-line this it for those of us with limited iq and a life, many thanks.

    1. I'll quote Terry Melanson for that 😉

      "Albert Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871: Three World Wars? Or, how Michael Haupt said, that William Guy Carr said, that Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile said, that The Cause of World Unrest said, that the confessed hoaxer Gabriel Jogand-Pagès aka Dr. Bataille aka Leo Taxil said about Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini in Le diable au XIXe siècle, v. II, 1892-1894, p. 605 (but actually pp. 594-606). Got it?"

  9. According to your analysis, Lucifer is not venerated by Masonic lodges.

    lucifer the light bringer is at the center of many masonic lodges. many venerable masters of the 33rd degree talk about it and now you come out declaring the Taxil.

    Either you are part of Freemasonry and try to discredit the veneration of Lucifer in Masonic lodges or you have never seen a Masonic rite.

  10. Since Taxil said he was lying for years, how can we know his confession is the truth and not just another lie, a misdirection to deflect criticism on the Freemasons? What would he gain from such a confession?
    Why would a scammer come clean all of a sudden, unless he was coerced?.

    1. He said why, it was all a stunt to discredit the Catholic Church. Something he has been doing for a decade prior, already. It was basically his life's work.

  11. Nice try, I was a Mason for years, my families Masonic heritage dates back before Albert Pike's time…I left the order with the simple explanation that I was a Christian…make of it what you will.

  12. I appreciate the historical recollection of the hysterical Taxil. A very couched way to kill two birds with one stone. In the end Freemasonry coms out clean as a whistle. However, I have worked for Freemason with clout. My father was only a third degree. I took the time to read their Bible on the degrees of Masonry. The organization presents Gnostic Theosophy and is therefore antichrist – by definition to Christians – Masonry presupposes many deities throughout the ages. A freemason – after learning and spending his money on the doctrines – becomes “born again” at the 27th degree, by sitting upon a throne with a key in one hand and a set of scales in the other. From then on he stops learning philosophic Kabbala and turns to Pragmatic Kabbala ( the spitting of Rum and blowing of cigar smoke, incantations of warlocks and necromancy). It’s history includes fealty to Solomon who died an apostate and tied to The King of Tire who worshiped the Phoenician god Bathomet. So regardless of tricksters who obfuscate history with fabulous vivid stories of salacious sin, it remains that occult groups are in the world of Commerce, politics and medicine. One that comes to mind is Pfizer Corp that makes pharmaceuticals – which derives it name from the Greek word ‘pharmakoa’ and ‘pharmakos’ which literally means; sorcery and witchcraft.
    Frank Verderber BSGS/ASCT – Russell, Mass

    1. Something you don’t seem to appreciate is that a Masonic degree does not equal rank, and the Scottish Rite degrees are merely purchased – no work required. One can go from a third to 32nd degree in a month.

      There is no Phoenician god named Baphomet. The word did not exist until the Catholic Church invented it as part of their campaign against the Templars in the 1300’s.

      “it remains that occult groups are in the world of Commerce, politics and medicine” – Of that, I have no doubt. Please see my other articles for a deeper look at them.

  13. You folks are nuts dabbling in the satanic. There is only one book worth reading. The Holy Bible preferably the KJV. All humans will live forever some in hell or the lake of fire if you will with Satan and his demons and some with Jesus in new Jerusalem. I choose Jesus and new Jerusalem!! Yes even devil worshippers will live forever in the lake of fire with their god.

    Rev_19:20  And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

    Rev 20:10  And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. 
    Rev 20:11  And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. 
    Rev 20:12  And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. 
    Rev 20:13  And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. 
    Rev 20:14  And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 
    Rev 20:15  And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. 

    This is not some mental game but to be take very seriously.

    May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!!

  14. If only people realized how normal, boring, worthy and virtuous Masonry is! They would never join. You are all aware of the virtues of steady application, measuring twice, self improvement, keeping your ego in line with reality? Well, wrap that up in a mystery cult and honour God however you conceive Him, and that's about it, Plus some great rhetoric that has to be memorized, Masonry does not accept atheists and that acts as fantastically effective barrier against 90% of all assholes., neurotics and anti social personalities. So it is a group of decent chaps that dress up in Masonic gear and put on degrees. The rhetoric is great, the meetings are boring and there are drinks afterward at the bar. Thank God for that! Plus it is the only place I meet sensible Muslims and new African immigrants, and working class Canadians on the plane of equality.

    1. So those guys in fez's riding in the parade playing some pretty cool music on a float that says Al-Kader (or Kadar?) are not satan worshippers at all? Nor the other guys in fez's riding minibikes around them either? They just are a fraternal organization that helps kids and communities?
      There goes one of my long-held conspiracies…

  15. You say that you have proven a liar to be full of lies. Splendid. Well done. What you have not done is show anything about the truth regarding the freemasons, their worship of Gadreel, their great and public enthusiasm for Lucifer, and their evil intentions toward mankind. It's not really clever to leave these parts out, Mark.

    An eyewitness account of the freemasons publicly honouring Lucifer is found here.

    You might want to look into the evils of the cult of freemasonry.

    1. “By a long and persevering labor, they [Freemasons] endeavor to bring about this result – namely, that the teaching office and authority of the Church may become of no account in the civil State; and for this same reason they declare to the people and contend that Church and State ought to be altogether disunited. By this means they reject from the laws and from the commonwealth the wholesome influence of the Catholic religion; and they consequently imagine that States ought to be constituted without any regard for the laws and precepts of the Church.

      In Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical, Humanum Genus, if you support the separation of Church and State, secularism, you’re working for Satan. This is the only “evil” of Freemasons the Pope complains about.

      Should the world be a Catholic theocracy? I you don’t think so, then you’re as bad as the Freemasons.

  16. Denying The Great Khazarian ConspiReset must be like 'anti-semitism'. You don't want to do it but you feel that you need to do it. All the while not aware of doing it. For it feels like logic, not magic.

  17. But don't you see? The final "confession" of Taxil is the greatest lie of all. A man like that would never reveal the truth, his whole purpose of living or dying is only to tell a greater lie. The ultimate work of the devil is to make you believe that he does not exist, and anyone promoting that message is helping the liar. So, mr.'bombthrower", why are you promoting this God-hating message? And how do you get away with a public handle like "bombthrower" anyway, unless you are a deep-state asset?

  18. For some reason(s), the following comes to mind: "The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”

    Whether, or not, the Church (and/or Taxil) invented some terminologies (e.g. Luciferian, Baphomet, etc) to demonize the Templars (who sought to rule the world after becoming immensely wealthy) and later the Masons (or the Church itself if/when it came from Taxil) should also not detract from the fact that we are moving towards to a totalitarian one-world government.

    Whether, or not, the Freemasons worship Satan should not detract from the fact that virtually every chaotic world event in modern times (bloody revolutions, WW1, WW2, mass-killings, all the wars to date, etc) had a Masonic fingerprint. All of the leaders behind those events were Masons. Giole Magaldi covers a good portion of it in his book 'Massoni'.

    Whether, or not, Freemasons are the ones behind ruling the world should not detract from the fact that for thousands of years, merchants and bankers have ruled the world with a 'government' serving as a facade to keep themselves in the shadow .

    So yes, maybe Freemasons don't rule the world but a certain small group (the 'oligarchy' term is more fitting) does. Laying out layers after layers of facades ('Jews', 'Freemasons', 'Illuminati', 'Rothschild', etc) only keeps the true and real power in the shadow. Real power is after all, silent.

    Two points that caught my attention:

    1) "It is quite amazing that Pike would discuss things like Nazis and Fascists decades before they emerged on the world stage."

    Assuming the authenticity of Pike's letter and its content, that sentence alone would say it all.

    2) "More interesting is the fact that we already have a real-life case of Masonic subterfuge in the case of the Italian Propaganda Due (P2) lodge, led by Licio Gelli. This, however, was a group of fierce anti-communists drawn from the ranks of a broad spectrum of political ideologies, who managed to collapse a mob bank that was also doing significant business with the Vatican. Their activities do not fit the New World Order conspiracy model, and so perhaps that is why they are ignored."

    I am not judging but merely making an observation: Mr. E strikes me as a Freemason apologetic. Licio Gelli was a torturer and a criminal. The P2 Lodge was a (once secretive) Masonic Lodge serving and protecting the financial interests of those ruling Italy, Europe and beyond.

    The Communists in question and the Vatican sought to forge an alliance. The P2 Lodge intervened to stop that. The killing of Aldo Moro was directly linked to it.

    1. You will enjoy my other two articles, “Decoding the Taxil Hoax,” which are follow ups to this one.

      To your points:

      1) Pike’s letter was fake, a figment of Leo Taxil and William Guy Carr’s libelous imagination. Carr’s use of such words is a dead giveaway that he fabricated it.

      2) I’m not passing judgment on P2 or Gelli, merely remarking that this real-life case is conspicuously absent from all of the diatribes against Freemasons. Fighting communists is dirty business, though.

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