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October 31, 2023     ₿lockheight: 814,741


What started out as an unremarkable tropical storm off the Pacific coast of Mexico transformed into a Category 5 hurricane in a matter of hours the evening of October 24th. In the early hours of the 25th, while most residents were asleep, never having received any advance warning of a catastrophic threat, it slammed directly into the city of Acapulco. This was the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in Mexican history, with sustained winds above 200 miles per hour.

The destruction of this city with over a million residents, was complete.

The speed at which the storm gained intensity has experts scratching their heads. Only 16 hours before making landfall it was predicted to be a Category 1 hurricane. Compounding this was once the intensity was revised to Category 5; the storm was assumed to be making landfall at 5 am.

It hit at 1 am.

The climate crisis propagandists are seizing on the opportunity to blame this unprecedented storm on the non-existent phenomenon of man-made global warming. For others, there is a much more mundane and sinister explanation.

Long-time Acapulco resident, financial newsletter publisher, and liberty activist, Jeff Berwick, suggests this storm may have been man-made, or man-enhanced. This is not so far-fetched as it might sound to those uninitiated into weather control research by governments, which has been going on for many decades now.

In a 1972 article published by the New York Times, Seymour Hersh exposed Operation Popeye. This was a program to induce catastrophic rainfall on the communist enemy in Vietnam during those times. In the present day there are even private companies that will help you create, grow, and even steer storms.

Acapulco was the location of one of the world’s largest anarchist conferences, Anarchapulco. Started in 2015 by Berwick, it grew to several thousand attendees by 2019. After a sharp downturn due to the COVID-19 “pandemic,” it appeared to be bouncing back quite rapidly. It’s been unflatteringly covered by mainstream news outlets like Vice, and an HBO documentary was released about the growing anarcho-capitalist community there.

Another, perhaps more plausible, reason for the destruction wrought upon the famous vacation destination is that Acapulco was on a list of Mexican cities being studied with the aim of transforming it into a smart-city. It’s no secret that Lahaina was on a similar list for Hawaii.

In the wake of this destruction, Berwick put together a rescue operation that has raised over $400,000 at the time of writing via cryptocurrency, and funding platforms GoFundMe and GiveSendGo. He and his team are working day and night trying to keep the city from falling into complete chaos and save the conference that will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in February 2024.

Please consider donating to the relief efforts, as this is the greatest humanitarian crisis of the hemisphere.

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  1. This is most certainly a trend… Devastating "natural" phenomena, which were seen in advance yet no notification whatsoever given to the residents… And, just so happens to be another city destined to be a "smart" city… When the hell are these psychopaths going to fall???

  2. I tend to agree with Mr. Berwick. When I first read about how quickly this storm intensified, I suspected something was up. The Smart City aspect I hadn't known about, so my suspicions are increased. I wish all the best for the people of Acapulco in their rebuilding efforts.

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