February 4, 2021


Note: I recently reposted this in light of the Trudeau Regime’s imposition of martial law in Canada and the relevant part of why is the second half of this article. You can jump straight to it here.

Ruh Roh: That Unhinged Canadian Conspiracy Theory is 5-for-5 so far…

A friend I’ve referenced in my writings before as “an unemployed tech CEO” (he’s been unemployed since one of his exits about 10 years ago) sent me that link that was making the rounds back in October..

It was purportedly from an anonymous Liberal Party “Strategic Committee” leaker that laid out a plan where the Canadian federal government, in collusion with world governments everywhere, were going to use the Coronavirus pandemic to impose a New World Order, distinctly communist in nature, replacing private property with Universal Basic Income and immunity passports.

I wrote it up at the time pointing out the various holes in the narrative, not the least of which was that it was completely unsourced. You had to decide to believe something like that.

My response to him was:

I saw this months ago and kinda ripped the guy who sent it to me because it sounded very Qanon-ish and just batshit. No sources, no attributions, it could literally be anything. I hate this kind of stuff.

Next thing I know my phone is ringing, and as I plug in my earbuds I hear his thick middle-eastern accent:

“Ok junior” (he had picked up my knickname from my punk rock days nearly 30 years ago, although he was never in that scene), “bring it up and let’s just walk down the list”:

  • Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. Expected by November 2020

Well, here we are under lockdown in Toronto, again – and most other Canadian cities as well.

  • Rush the acquisition of (or construction of) isolation facilities across every province and territory. Expected by December 2020.

The recently announced travel restrictions we’re all aware of. All flights to Caribbean and Mexico canceled, returning citizens sent to government approved hotels, which, at least as per the media reports coming in, seem to feel more like internment camps than hotels. Joe Warmington’s article describing the plight of a returning citizen who has been locked in a hotel room and fed prison-like rations despite having had a negative COVID-19 test prior to his embarking on the returning flight…

From @joe_warmington: Bread and water in locked room during forced detention after landing at Pearson https://t.co/Ui9vlu8z6e #cdnpoli

— Toronto Sun (@TheTorontoSun) February 3, 2021

  • Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020.

Right, well the “casedemic” has been infuriating for anybody who actually looks at the data, who understands what a medical “case” is supposed to be or what a PCR test isn’t supposed to be. Especially when using high Cycle Thresholds.

As Chris Martenson (PhD in pathology from Duke University) outlines in the 2020 Year in Review with Dave Collum (PhD Columbia, Chemistry, teaches at Cornell): a medical “case” is one in which a patient is presenting symptoms and requires medical attention. That’s a case. PCR tests were never meant to discern whether somebody is an “infected case” or not, and as Collum elaborated in that same interview, “with a Cycle Threshold over 35, you can get a positive PCR test out of a dog’s ass”.

  • Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. Expected Q1 – Q2 2021.

According to the media, this is true. According to reality, it isn’t. In CNN-style “fact checking” parlance, it would thus score as “partially true”.

“Covid Related Deaths” is a well worn catch-all. What is known to anybody keeping track: the vast majority of COVID fatalities are with COVID, not from it. We all know this,  for some reason it doesn’t seem to matter. The overall survival rate for this thing is somewhere around 97% or higher. Most people don’t know anybody in their immediate circle of friends and family that have actually died from it.

It can be terrible virus to catch and become sick with, and it’s tragic to die from. But the majority of people either exhibit flu like symptoms and shrug it off or remain completely asymptomatic. Overall it causes fewer fatalities to society than either alcohol (3 million deaths per year, globally) or driving (1.5 million) or for that matter air pollution at 4.2 million.

  • Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021.

Travel restrictions, as we noted, are here, or at least starting to show up. My unemployed CEO friend is expecting localized roadblocks, i.e “Where are you going? Why are you going there? Can I see your immunity passport and contact tracker please?” type roadblocks. Unless you’re a politician or someone Transport Canada deems to be exempted in “the national interest”, you’re probably stuck where you are for the foreseeable future.

Excerpt from the Transport Canada making the rounds on who is exempted from forced quarantine at the approved Internment Hotels
  • Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021.

Well they aren’t calling it COVID-21, but there is a lot in the media about the UK and South African mutations. Overlooked is that COVID-19 has been mutating from very early on, all viruses do. Everything does.

From: Is the coronavirus mutating? Yes. But here’s why you don’t need to panic, Science News, May 2020

Anyway, by the time we got this far down the list I felt the mild caffeine euphoria of my morning cup-o-joe wearing off and despondency setting in… I know where this list goes from here:

  • The imposition of UBI and debt jubilee where “the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever”.

I take some comfort in that the original article has been written so poorly that it makes 4chan a more likely origin vector and not some high powered political insider.

But the entire conversation made me feel uneasy, here’s why:

As I stated the first time,  when something is completely unsourced and disconnected from supporting material or citations, believing it is a choice. It’s an act of faith. You can choose to believe that we’re in The End Times,  or that The Singularity is Near, Alien Disclosure is imminent, or we’re entering the final victory of World Communism or a final Malthusian or climate driven collapse. These narratives are at their core eschatological in nature and all the same . We won’t be able to say with any certainty until one of these scenarios would actually come to pass. Even then we’d probably be incapable of forming a consensus around something, even though the event had already occurred.

One of things that I’ve really had a hard time grappling with since all this began came out of my introductory study of General Semantics. Facing the reality that none of us really knows anything and that we only think we know is so much harder than just stumbling through life dead certain about your assumptions and oblivious to your own ignorance and biases. At least that way you just bounce around between successes, failures and misadventure but at least you think you’ve got things under control or at least understand what is happening.

None of that is true, and when you realize that, it can be terrifying.

All the more so because when I think about a crazy, unhinged conspiracy theory like this one, the reasons why I would normally dismiss it: that it was just somehow untenable for governments anywhere to just rescind everybody’s civil liberties and basic human rights at the stroke of a pen with zero due process, no constitutional basis, no public consultation, no legal review or any right to appeal. When I think about how things have played out over the past year,  I realize that these assumptions weren’t actually anchored to anything.

These days I’m reading Marco Papic’s Geopolitical Alpha, and in it, his core premise, is this:

“Preferences are optional and subject to constraints, whereas constraints are neither optional nor subject to preferences.”

By this he means: many investors factor their assumptions around how governments will impact their plans on what turn out to be policy preferences. But what actually happens, and what actually does impact their activities will be shaped by constraints, not preferences.

Said differently, a lot of capital gets allocated on what people think governments want to do, but what actually matters is what is preventing or constraining the government from doing what they want to do.

The five big constraints on governments are: political, economic, financial, geo-political and legal/constitutional.

Seen in this light, even if true, that governments wanted to impose a totalitarian communist regime globally, surely they are constrained from doing so. Right? RIGHT? They can’t just fscking do it. 

But… all kinds of things I thought governments couldn’t just come out and do over the last year…. well they just came right out and did it. And just to really mess with my head, Papic added two wildcard constraints to his list: terrorism and pandemics.

The problem is, those wildcards, they aren’t wildcard constraints – they’re wildcard enablers. Those two wildcards seem to have the ability to trump all normal constraints. Every one of those constraints went out the window because of the wildcards.

Where does that leave us?

Speaking for myself, I’m losing my moorings as I no longer have any clear idea what, if any, policy constraints exist anymore.

So I have no grounding in the arena of what’s possible, how arbitrarily policy makers can act, what’s to stop them from simply confiscating my wealth (except for my crypto), or nationalizing the business I’ve built up over 22 years, and doing the same to everybody else. This is Canada. We’re generally meek as fuck here.

Second passport and expat strategies won’t work if, as per the “World Debt Reset Program” outlined in the conspiracy theory, this happens simultaneously everywhere. Granted that seems farfetched, but the boundaries of the word “farfetched” have shifted dramatically since all this began.

The question I keep coming back to is “What’s to stop them from trying it?” One of my first articles that I wrote on my old blog said that:

“The ultimate goal of the State is to cultivate absolute dependency on it by its subjects. This is because until this happens there is a real danger that those governed will one day wake up and realize that the State is not only entirely unnecessary but actually malignant; a malevolent force actively impoverishing society to the benefit of it’s elites”

I think nation states do know this, and that the continuous iteration of failed policies painted all of them into a corner vis-à-vis the global economy and the financial system as we know it. As Danielle Dimartino Booth observed in a recent George Gammon podcast, (paraphrasing) “The central banks were screwed. They needed something like COVID because the financial system was coming unglued”.

Understanding that there is a real incentive for nation states to move in a drastic direction, combined with a conspicuous absence of restraints, is taking a huge psychological toll on the populace. As hypernormalization runs wild, a type of mass psychosis sets in which has been manifesting in rabid polarization, hysterical cancel culture, Reddit-driven stonk manias and myriad tribes of neo-Flagellants.

Something’s gotta give, but at the same time, I’m really worried that something’s about to give.

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About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of easyDNS.com, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. I also wrote a critical examination of that leaked memo and concluded it was a Chinese or Russian psy-op aimed at destabilizing the country.
    One of the biggest problems I have with it is this: what about First Nations? Are we really expected to believe Trudeau is going to take all their assets away? Because they have a lot of them. Billions of dollars worth of land, casino's, and shares in pipelines, to name just a few.
    Or: what about African-Canadians or any other persons of colour? The author of the memo does not take race into account, which leads me to believe they are Chinese or Russian, as race relations are of no consequence in those countries.
    I give leftists full credit for wanting to do any or all of the insane things outlined in the memo, but I can't make myself believe that even they would be insane enough to attack First Nations and non-white Canadians.

    1. This is a stupid comment, it’s a hospital, not a Tim Hortons. ICU capacity is about 70% as a baseline since people get really sick all the time. CoVID-19 admissions are typically in an ICU for a couple of weeks. That’s over 300 hours. You are trying to determine the difference of an admittance difference of 30% over 300 hours by watching the admittance levels of any random 2-3 hours. Plus you are not taking into account transferring of patients to load balance across the health care system. Hopefully I’ve shown what you are trying to figure out is more complicated than that.

  2. You need to read "Beware the world to come". by Christopher Bjerknes

    "Over two thousand years ago the self-styled "Sons of Light" declared war on the seventy nations of the world, whom they call the "Sons of Darkness". Hundreds of millions of lives have been lost in this conflict. The Sons of Light believe the contest will only be won when they utterly exterminate the Sons of Darkness. It will never be lost as long as one of the Sons of Light remains to carry on the fight. The war is mostly fought through deception. Only the Sons of Light know that they are engaged in this endless battle. The Sons of Darkness see the bodies piling up, but search in vain for their enemy, who is as subtle and sly as a holy serpent. Ultimate victory will mean the conquest of the entire Earth. It is close at hand for the Sons of Light. But the war continues and either side may yet win. If the Sons of Light are discovered, all of humanity will be saved. Within this book the battle plans and beliefs of the Sons of Light are revealed for the first time for all to see. The Sons of Light have tricked the Sons of Darkness into worshiping Satan, whom they believe is an androgyne composed of the demons Lilith and Samael. The gods of the Sons of Light are also androgynous. Their names are Ein Sof, Shekinah and Yahweh. The Sons of Light are planning to create a Utopia when all is won and all is lost. In it, every human being will be a perfect hermaphrodite with two faces. They will also be immortal and have no need to endure the pain of the cycle of birth, life and death, so there will be no more children and no more death. All the silver, gold and treasure will be theirs and technology will provide their robotic slaves. Since the Sons of Light are all righteous, and since the Sons of Darkness will have passed away together with their dark gods, divine light, peace and harmony will rule the Earth for one thousand years after which all will be complete."

    Don't be confused the battle lines have been drawn.
    If you are considered one of the "sons of darkness" you are marked for death by what ever means possible.

  3. It is rather frightening how quickly ideas, notions, and actions that we all might have believed "can't happen here" can (and do, in fact) happen here, and the slippery slope is both very slippery and quite steep.

    As long as governments use phrases like "for the public safety", and as long as all the individuals who wield enforcement power from the President down to the local beat cop (do we still have them anymore?) believe in the message and actually enforce it, anything can happen.

    Personally, I think the young people (who tend to be more idealistic) are more inclined to think they have THE answer, while us older folks, who have been around the block a time or two, are more inclined to think in terms of multiple answers, and consider the costs and follow-on implications of every answer before deciding what to do.

    So I'm afraid that a rabid, fearful youth will all decide that their THE answer is right and impose it on the rest of us (see AOC's Green Plan, BLM activity in summer 2020, leftist agendas arriving now in US polcies, etc.). We might all be surprised at how quickly those in power decide to flex their muscles to ensure that their positions are more secure tomorrow morning, and at how willing eveyone in the chain of command buys into the message.

  4. Yes, and if the Liberal government did NOT do whatever it could to contain the pandemic, right-wingers all over the country would be screaming and blaming them for that. Face it: any action by anyone who is not a right-wing extremist is suspect by right-wing extremists.

    Sorry, I don't believe in conspiracy theories and I'm gonna un-subscribe to your blog. You've drunk the kool-aid, guy.

  5. The road map I've been using is Hannah Arendt's "Ideology and Terror," which lays it out pretty well. This movement's war is on truth. What changed for me is I no longer think a secular mind is equipped to resist a movement that is rooted in a war on truth and belief itself. It's telling that intellectually disinterested people are starting to re-read Orwell, the clever are reading Solzhenitsyn and Marcuse, young men are reading the Stoics, but I think the wise are revisiting the Gospels and other biblical books for examples of how to prevail over what is a true and historic evil.

    Deception is a real and pervasive force, and without an identity rooted in the axiom of a relationship with the only, single, knowable, universal truth, everything becomes an artifact of that deception. There are well meaning people who reject the idea of God as a matter of rational principle, but confronted with real evil, I don't see how bargaining and begging with language save them. Ask genocide survivors about the base rate on that. This sounds utterly nutty, but if you revisit those stories as being about one man who showed us how each of us could relate to this one truth, they are a source of courage and clarity. Four guys did what they could to preserve the kernel of it so it would survive the combined forces of history to co-opt , pervert, corrupt, and dislodge it. Whether you think we live in a simulation, believe in flying spaghetti monsters, or even ancient astronauts, the example and tools to hear and act with divine guidance are laid out right there.

    If that sounds crazy, dangerous, and scary – good. You should see what it does to evil.

    Good luck.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful commentary.

    My mind just reels at the implications of all of this.

    I'm curious to know how Communists confiscated property and the like in the past and how it was returned in East Germans in the recent past? I ask because I don't think the Bastards will be entirely successful and that this cycle will pass say in 12 years, and then what?

    I guess we need a crystal ball or an 8 Ball? I'd appreciate any input you have.

    Thank you!

  7. I would urge anyone to read it in their own words. Time Magazine dedicated their entire online October 2020 issue to The Great Reset. They are very proud of their efforts. https://time.com/collection/great-reset/

    You can also read about it from Klaus Shwab from the WEF “Covid 19 and The Great Reset.” I agree that it all sounds a little out there, but at what point do we listen to what they are telling us they want to do? Not sure of any solution other than be informed and try and push back to through the courts.

  8. God creates and rules all. He created evil forces to tempt humanity, for humanity to resist and thereby earn his everlasting love. Humanity slips into antiGod materialism and God says you embrace evil and evil embraces you. The financiers are evil worshippers and control the masses that worship materialism. Those that love truth, love God and thruout creation He has always, sooner or later, destroyed the evil mfrs and with his loyal servants

  9. Usually conspiracy theories are unfalsifiable or falsified by events. This time, we are in a situation where the official narrative is mostly falsified by the real data. What is worse, the official denials of the dire predictions about official actions are contradicted by official actions, sometimes within days.

    It is very scary when dystopian conspiracy predictions are not falsified by events, and when attempts to discuss the official theories are censored.

    The most scary thing is how many people continue to suspend their critical faculties. Young "educated" people are the worst. We have all been asleep while our children have been compulsorily transformed from curious beings into timid box-tickers obedient to authority. Do we have to write off most of the under 45's (and half of the "boomers") in order to reclaim a sane world?

  10. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Eyes wide open! I was totally freaked out by the anonymous post last year and felt sick to my stomach. My friend is now suffering from anxiety and insomnia because of it. Now , I am just angry all the time because of all this bs. As a small business owner, how will I survive?? Will the state come a knocking on my door… "You will do this from now on".

    Last week Justinie mentioned using G4S security, Gardia World and another company for 'hotel internment' security. His private army is now at work against Canadians (hardly needed, we are the most passive people around) NO BALLS!

    For the first time in my sunny Canadian life, I feel oppressed. Wow, I never imagined this would be possible in my lifetime. Where is the manual: How to survive under an oppression state? LOL

    Thanks for all you do, Kim

    1. How to survive under an oppression state when the majority don't feel like they're being oppressed? It's sure a lonely world right now.

  11. Freeland and other WEF Board Members and "Davos boys" – like Mark Carney, Al Gore, Larry Fink, Christine Lagarde, and John Kerry, represent the interest of the WEF, IMF, UN, and other globalists ideologies, and NOT the interest of their home countries. As Armstrong warns, "their intent is to ELIMINATE democracy, for we are the great unwashed and too stupid to understand the big picture".



    "Like its first cousin, “The Great Reset,” which bizarrely aims to bring in environmental considerations under the purview of central banks, the innocuous sounding stakeholder capitalism is committed to destroying the foundations of Anglo-American free market capitalism and replacing it with a system where governments and their cronies in Davos tell private businesses what they need to care about. The irony here is that all of those at Davos, including Freeland, got there because of the free market system and shareholder-driven capitalism, which they’re now bent on overthrowing in an unholy alliance of true believers and opportunists.
    There’s no need to invent conspiracy theories. The attempt by global elites to subvert local democracy is fully on and in plain view."

    Great perspective provided by Armstrong – https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/banking-crisis/federal-reserve-conspiracy-theories/

  12. I have a friend who believes the "New World Order" crap. He is exceedingly intelligent, an economist, well read, well trained.

    But his life is driven by fear – he has formed a view that ALL elites are toxic, connected and intending on enslavement of the populace. He came up with ALL the proposals your friend suggested – the WEF, the "new World Order", the dissolution of private property, the UBI, we'll be all reduced to cows in a paddock waiting to be sliced and diced.

    I pursued the obvious – in a world of competing elites, and now an obviously FRACTURING elite, how does one get ALL the world leaders, all the world's medical experts, ALL the worlds elites, all the universities and research facilities – to same exactly the same thing.

    Well, of course, the answer is obvious – a conspiracy makes superb assumptions – like, "you don't know what they are doing". Logic makes no impression – the world's elites have struggled for decades to manage global warming, struggled to reduce conflict and warfare, struggled to reduce inequality, environmental debasement, y'know, all the "big ticket" issues we've faced for decades.

    But suddenly – voila – they are integrated and connected and undercover – without a single 'leak' or disclosure or slip of the tongue – despite the entire global contrarian media salivating and digging.

    And then we come to the 'frighteners" – who are the most consistent purveyors of this 'information" – none other than the Libertarians – The Belgium Letter, the Great Barrington Declaration, the AIER, all funded by Koch and other billionaire Libertarians, all disclosing a world where "sheeples" will be corralled into a drugged existence with now property rights and a UBI.

    I laugh; uproariously -the Libertarians have been the dominant policy setters for the last 50 years – Monetarism and Neo-Liberalism are their inventions; designed to unwind Keynes and taxation, reduce taxes on the rich, unwind regulations and install privatisation, unwind unions and collective labor. And the economic lies – the "Laffer" curve, trickledown, the rich needed to be rich to invest, govt should be reduced, austerity produces stability, all governments are constrained by 'the household budget'.

    And now – the intelligent ones – there are a few – can tell that the 'dream is over' – zero rates, zero inflation, massive debt and peak inequality are the fruits of their 'experiment'. Inequality was ALWAYS their intention; its hardly news that unfettered capitalism naturally tends towards concentration of wealth. But that's what they WANTED, back in the 70s-80s

    Let me tell you about inequality – it is a self-correcting cancer, Usually the correction is done the hard way like the 1880 and 1930 Depressions. Inequality has two significant outcomes – it destroys an economy, and destroys a society.

    It destroys an economy via the concentration of wealth; we all know capitalism relies on distributed consumption, and when you concentrate wealth, you remove the key pillar of growth, and social cohesion.

    The entire episode of Trump is a result of inequality – the Trumpians are the lower educated 'losers' in inequality – their jobs have disappeared, savings evaporated, lives shortened, opioids and suicide are the key deaths, their REAL wages are the same as 1970.

    They saw Trump as the 'disruptor' – because their narrative from birth has been "Demrats are evil" – the entire GOP strategy has been divide and rule as their voter base has shrunk, and their bahvior is about activating the Limbic mechanism of the brain into a combination of fear and rage.

    And how to they do this? All about "freedom" and "Liberty" – the two words are synonymous, but meaningless – ask 100 people for their definitions, you end up with 200 meanings. But "freedom" and "liberty" are BAKED into the brains of American conservatives, and the perform the essential role of 'hot buttons' that can be pushed, hammered, twisted into every type of meaning – free speech, free enterprise, free markets, free religion – just stick "free" in front of any topic then tell people that the "other side" wants to remove their 'freedoms' – amorphous, vague, mist-like, it create fear because it sits in the brain in a part that logic doesn't reach.

    So who is doing all this – of course, the Libertarians. Every time a Libertarian talks, the sentence is comprised of 90% "freedom" words – the sentences barely make sense, but the logic is unquestioned – freedom is "always good" so loss of freedom is "always bad".

    And THAT – has been the focus of 2020 – the panic about the lockdowns revolves ENTIRELY around "loss of freedom" or "Liberty curtailed". But they need to move it further, into non-evidence (to remove it from history – we have ALWAYS have quarantine and lockdowns) and remove it from logic (how could all the worlds elite control all the world's politicans and all the worlds medical experts when – on any other issue – they can't decide what time to have lunch).

    And so why is this all happening? Because neo-liberalism is dead, monetarism is dead, the entire economic paradigm of the last 50 years is dead. Zero rates, zero inflation and saturated debt COMPLETELY defeats the entire logic of Monetarism – without inflation, the debt mountain cannot be eroded, debt-driven growth ceases to exist, inflation cannot be initiated (because real wages are suppressed) and the entire structure of Western economics grinds to a halt.

    So – we are waiting for the next paradigm, and you can bet it will be a drift towards that Libertarians hate – a reduction of inequality, higher taxes, more regulation, de-financialisation, re-organisation of labour to assist in pushing real wages.

    Back in the 70s, unions were the main transmission agent for inflation ( as well as expectations) – and the Libertarians hated it; not because it created inflation, but because it allowed organised labor to constantly gain a share of productivity, and therefore, increases in national income. Now, it is the reverse – the Libertarians has deregulated, privatised, broken union and dismantled any ability of labor to force real wages up, but they created a financial system that quarentines increases in national income to the asset holders – 90% of all stimulus end up as asset inflation. SO we've swapped wages inflation for asset inflation.

    The Central Banks know this – because they rely on inflation to erode the current debt and allow more – which is why we currently have zero rates – debt is saturated because inflation is zero because real wage rises are zero and demand has plateaued.

    So where is this going? Inequality is self-correcting; either politically or via a Depression. Inequality converts an average 'recession' into a depression – you will notice increasing intensity of crisis as inequality increases – and it results in a Depression at SOME point simply because all wealth is concentrated; the top holders of assets will be evaporated – they have no one else to sell too, because asset ownership has shrunk from 60% in 1970 to just 16% in 2020. The top 10% own 80% of assets.

    And the Libertarians dimly recognise this – they know their experiement is over – they have achieved peak inequality, peak deregulation and the narrative of 'too big to fail' ensures that the FED will pursue QE to inifinity.

    Yes – there is going to be a reset, and the Libertarians know this – and they are frantic with fear – the pendulum will swing backwards – either politically or via a Depression – and their entire paradigm for self-enrichment has come to a shuddering stop.

    THAT is what 2020 is about – the pandemic is a sideshow – a shouting match between nutters – but the economics are inviolate. Inequality will be removed, either the 'easy way' (Biden) or the 'hard way' (Depression).

    Which one do you think is more likely?

    both sides of politics are united in their

    1. Speaking as a "Mostly Libertarian" person who once was even a member of the
      Libertarian Party of Canada, I'm pretty sure we aren't running the show. If we
      were there wouldn't be a law on the books limiting how many hours a week I
      can work for a single employer in the form of the "overtime law" that makes the
      41st hour sufficiently more expensive than the first 40 that it is usually considered
      uneconomical to pay us for that so my hours are capped and thus my earning
      potential also is. (At least this is the case in any industry where the margins are

      If it were not for the overtime law there would be a portion of the lower middle
      class that would be getting more hours in than currently, thus taking home more
      money (at our regular hourly rate) and accumulating capital that we currently aren't.

      This is literally low hanging fruit, you could leave every other labor regulation the
      same and just repeal that one thing and it would open up a path to capital formation
      by those who care enough to do so which would enhance social mobility. All with no
      downside to anybody.

      It's almost like this law was designed to keep people down.

      My general experience speaking to the public is that the people that have no interest
      in working more don't care that it's holding other people down and there is also a
      small contingent that seems to think they are gaining something from it that they aren't.
      Then there are the people who have been scared by the socialist parties that they need
      them to keep (insert government benefit here) so they are willing to accept collateral
      damage to the motivated to keep (insert government benefit here). So as a resultant
      we can't seem to get any traction for Libertarian ideas. This was just one example,
      there are many others.

  13. Just a note. We are not in the end times yet. The play out is first the rapture of believers (church is too bastardized now) After that the tribulation of Satans direct unfettered monarchy. it fails. Then comes the millennium, the 1000 year reign of Christ. A release of Satan who is to be locked up during the millennium and a massive revolt against God. It fails. The final judgement is then done at the white throne. Then eternity begins. Revelation chapter 20 gives most of this. Prophecy is always a fools paradise. It requires more than most can give in understanding.

    I hope this helps.

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