July 10, 2022

Today’s elites are caught in a dilemma: nobody wants what they’re selling.

They promised a world where under their expert management, the economy would function unfailingly, there would be peace in our time, and when the pandemic hit they had it all under control (anybody remember “Two weeks to flatten the curve?”). They even tease us with transhumanist visions of perpetual bliss in a metaverse and the abolition of death itself.

All we have to do in exchange for these trappings of an AI driven post-singularity bliss is cede our sovereignty and our individual free will. Sure, we get decide the little things for ourselves. iOS or Android. Pfizer or Moderna. But for really big issues, like “how will we ratchet down the living standards of every plebeian on Earth in order to deal with this debt bubble climate change, all of this has already been decided. You’ll get to choose how you want to follow the rules, not whether the rules are fair or even make any sense (it’s called “subsidiarity”).

But there’s a problem. A big one.

It threatens the bring down the elites and even the idea of globalism itself:

The problem that is none of their policies are working. In fact they’re actually causing even more damage to the global economy and unleashing greater havoc on the social fabric:

  • Supply chains are failing because of second-order effects of lockdowns.
  • Energy crises are unfolding due to delusional ESG narratives and platitudes.
  • The global economy is imploding because of a super-sized credit bubble and central bank interventions.


To top it all off, looking at the data coming out now it would not surprise me if we figure out that the vaccines are doing more damage than COVID ever did.

The elite response has included incessant rebranding, from “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”, to “Stakeholder Capitalism”, or so called “Woke Capitalism”, and then (the short lived and lame) “The Great Narrative”.

The “Liberal World Order” is the latest incarnation of this branding exercise. This is the new name for the hill the peasants are expected to die on…

What the Liberal World Order actually is

To understand what the ruling elites are trying to achieve, it helps to look at the worldview of one of the high priests of globalism: Henry Kissinger and his book, simply titled “World Order”.

The era we have been in since a group of treaties were signed in the mid-1600’s that ended The Thirty Years War is defined as The Peace of Westphalia. It codifies the nation state as supreme sovereign within its borders. It conferred legitimacy to rule on each sovereign, be it a monarch, or a democracy or some kind of hybrid.

The supreme objective of the Westphalian system was to achieve world order through balance of power. No more total wars, like the Thirty Years War. Just limited ones to fine tune (“recalibrate”, in Kissinger’s terms) power shifts between nations.

One characteristic of the Westphalian system was that there was indeed an undeclared, albeit widely acknowledged, hegemon, who acted as the guarantor of “the rules based order” of the day. It used to be the United Kingdom, but after World War II became the United States.

However make no mistake, the Westphalian system was not democratic, even if some of its building blocks were nominally democracies. It was

“a new era of Enlightenment governance by benevolent despotism which was legitimized by its effectiveness, not ideology”.

Kissinger was referring specifically to Frederick II of Prussia in that passage, but it accurately encompasses his overall approach to statesmanship. (I’ve heard it said that the difference between Machiavelli and Kissinger was that Machiavelli was an idealist, but that Kissinger is a Machiavellian – the source eludes me, sorry)

To its credit, the Westphalian system enabled human flourishing, not seen since before the Dark Ages. The developments we call the Enlightenment and Renaissance became unstoppable waves of change, under which the level of intellectual abstraction and socio-economic decentralization undertook a quantum leap, and with it, the living standards of the masses.

Make no mistake, the machinations of rival states and ever-shifting alliances required a lubricant, and that was an elite class that could inject congruent agendas across all spheres:

“International orders that have been the most stable have had the advantage of uniform perceptions. The statesmen who operated the eighteenth century European order were aristocrats who interpreted intangibles like honour and duty in the same way and agreed upon fundamentals. They represented a single elite society who spoke the same language… a sense of overarching common purpose was inherent. Power calculations in the eighteenth century took place against this ameliorating background of a shared sense of legitimacy and unspoken rules of international conduct.”

The big loser, was the Catholic Church. Since the Fall of Rome, they had inexorably centralized all the power, inserted themselves as sole arbiter of spiritual truth, became the largest land owner in the world, and who basically decided and enforced the “social contract” for most of the known world.

They too, were the guarantors of a world order of sorts in their day. Arguably less effectively than what was achieved under the Westphalian framework.

The Catholic Church’s hegemony was doomed, because it was attempting to maintain its order on an increasingly obsolete worldview. Settled science of the day included that the heavens revolved around the earth and the Bubonic Plague was caused by Jews.

Like the preceding order before it, the Westphalian system is started to break down over a century ago, disrupted by revelations on par with “the world is not flat” (like the discovery of quantum mechanics that consciousness precedes matter) not to mention self-inflicted follies like the advent of central banking and fiat money.

It’s no surprise that the Westphalian Peace was economically supported by large periods of gold backed money and only started to breakdown in earnest when combatants abandoned sound money to fight the world wars of the 20th century.

What we have today is the the transition of the Westphalian System to whatever comes next, and its still a little early define what that next phase is (In my old podcasts with Charles and Jesse we used to call it “The Network State”. That phrase turned out to be coined earlier by Balaji Srinivasan who’s new book by that name just came out).

When the Catholic Church entered its long descent, they fought it tooth and nail. The Holy Inquisition, which lasted centuries and inflicted untold misery, can be seen as the last, frantic clinging to relevancy and power by a system that was being outrun by history.

So too, the elite class that lords over the Westphalian System (known in our time as “globalism”), will not go easily into that good night. Via technocratic authoritarianism, promulgated under harmless sounding platitudes (“recalibrating” your rights, “reset” the system, “re-imagining” your future), it will cause immeasurable harm and destruction, only to ultimately fail for the sole reason of trying to shoehorn outdated modes of organization (top-down force of the state) on a new, incompatible reality (decentralized networks secured by public-key cryptography).

The silver lining of pandemic is that it has acted as a catalyst, pulling forward decades of creeping totalitarianism and compressing it into 18 months, has resulted in a quickening of this transition. The Liberal World Order’s manipulations to manage the pandemic and to control this wider transition are simply accelerating it, into something foreign to legacy institutions and beyond their control.

These machinations include these incessant and frantic rebranding exercises. The aspiration behind all of these labels is that they are trying to condition into your psyche, as if it were objective fact, that the natural order of things is that they get to set the rules and we get to follow them.

However the growing perception among the public, is that with every policy failure and each rebranding iteration, these elites are conceding that they are, in fact, losing control, losing relevance …and scared.

Each renaming emphasizes their aloofness, showing how their obsessions with models and nomenclature in their minds trump results and reality. By enacting draconian, one-sided arbitrary dictums that have backfired catastrophically, they’ve produced untold misery and destruction. Now they want to double down and keep running the show.

The biggest difference between the shift half a millennia ago and this one is the speed with which it is happening. Where entire generations were born, lived and died without ever experiencing any noticeable change in the order of things, today we see it changing in realtime.

The New Order is Emergent

As Kissinger ruminates near the end of ‘World Order’, we’re in the Twilight of the Westphalian system:

“In the world of geopolitics, the order established and proclaimed by Western countries stands at a turning point. It’s nostrums are understood globally, but there is no consensus about their application; indeed concepts such as democracy, human rights, and international law are given such divergent interpretations that warring parties regularly invoke them against each other as battle cries”

What humanity is gradually figuring out is that true order is emergent. Market signals traverse the medium of individual experience in a way that often defies institutionalized understanding, especially when those institutions insist on being informed by outdated modes of thinking.

For example, why in Canada, where 85% of the population took two doses of vaccines in order to become “fully vaxxed” are we now the lowest uptake of third shot boosters in the G7?

In decentralized, multi-polar architectures, understanding signal is more of an art than science, especially given the incessant distortions inflicted by legions of corporate media “fact checkers”.

In this coming era of network states and legions of sovereign individuals (empowered by holding unseizable, frictionless capital in form of Bitcoin and other digital assets), formalized top-down frameworks are doomed not only to fail, but to exacerbate problems.

Kissinger, again:

“Every international order must sooner or later face the impact of two tendencies challenging its cohesion: either a redefinition of legitimacy or a significant shift in the balance of power”

Or, maybe both.

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About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of easyDNS.com, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. Mark, There is another factor that hasn’t been mentioned – the psychological influence on peoples’ minds and perceptions. Just taking the media as an example, the “news” is always bad – what gets pushed is DANG, FEAR, the need to be safe and let someone take control. I noticed this influence in the increasing psych orientation in schools – it used to be reading, writing and arithmetic, and gradually things got weirder – remember “New Math”? What the HELL was THAT? Every year text books get a little more woke, to the point where we’re no longer learning script, the Framers of the Constitution and Founders were all “slave owners”… Now the white man is bad, gay is “normal”, transgender is getting pushed, and Science has given up the ghost. Men can get pregnant?! etc.

    There has been a continual decline in the emotional state and ability to think – drugs got popular, now they’re everywhere. That stems from the MK ULTRA experiments, the escape of the forbidden “Killer drug” LSD at the hands of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, etc. One could view the emotional state of the populace decline to a level of FEAR – and that’s when anything goes! That’s how Hitler and the Nazis pulled off running Germany, that’s how so many MILLIONS of people got persuaded that their only hope with the dread “pandemic” was to get vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted, re-boosted… And the MSM does nothing but push the narrative.

    What is needed is a solution. And b that I mean a REAL solution, because the “conspiracy”literature of the last 50 years has outlined what is happening now and who was pushing it and how it was going down. So a lot of people realize the game, but we are not organized… YET!

  2. There exist key points that will overwhelm the NWO (or Illuminati, or whatever it is).

    Must be unfettered by Banksters.
    Number one is decentralized currencies such as cryptocurrencies, and others…
    Choice of currency must be free.

    Must be replaced.
    Gangs of thugs, working directly for political pedophiles, must end.
    Replaced by security which answers directly to the populations they serve and get paid by.
    Paid by cryptocurrencies.

    Must end.
    The continuous diarrhea of scribbled laws ‘projectile vomited’
    out of some ‘house on a hill’ full of stuffed shirts
    must end.

    And more.

    And much more,
    which many of us will address from whatever corner of the globe we can.

  3. I cannot agree.

    Notably, you never mentioned the French Revolution or Marx.
    The Westphalian model is all well and good, but it never anticipated either of the above, even though they are the evil doppelganger of the Enlightenment that supplemented the nation state with democracy and civil rights.

    The Great Reset, however you call it, is not a last gasp of Westphalia, it is the Enlightenment’s alter ego finally taking control. Crypto, networks, etc., are merely tools, not new paradigms. And they will serve the neo-Marxists just fine.

  4. Excellent article Mark! So happy to understand the Westphalian system and where we are today. Your articles are really spot on and I look forward to getting each one.

  5. Mark TY.
    I am also in your Cryptocapatilist ranks. Can you comment while looking through your crystal ball, if you have one, on the efects of a now imminent threat and high likelyhood that China will seize Taiwan and what that will do to Bitcoin specifically. If BTC follows its current trend (opposite of initial anticipation) and follows the market slam this will inevitably cause (20% down?) it would be another opportune time to load up. BUT should BTC become the flight to safety and reliability it ultimately is, then now would be the best time to add more BTC.

    Please don’t say you not sure, because no one is. Just looking for a weighted opinion of probability from you deep analytical experience. TY

  6. Yes, what has emerged in the last two years was the end game carefully prepared by the NWO, and its elitism, prepared by Klaus Schwab and his followers starting in 1971. Agenda 21 was offered up in the 1970’s, and was so incredibly divergent from the Western Way of thinking, that no one would lend it any credibility… Now here we are with that intolerable system being promulgated as the way forward for all humanity. What brought humanity out of the dark ages was indeed the Renaissance and all that that stood for. But now the excess of humanistic thinking, the rise of technology, and the ability of the Wealthy to control the narrative, have brought us to the brink of total catastrophe for the human species. The elite, now believe that playing God, is their role on the earth. And having forgotten God, they have no respect for His creation. Instead of moving naturally from one phase of development to another as the conditions dictate, they have imposed themselves as the arbiters of draconian measures which fly in the face of all that is holy, just, and proportionate. If the NWO is not thrown down with violence, it should be. Those who would destroy our way of life, and lie about what they are doing, deserve nothing less.

  7. Bitcoins’s value derives from a network effect. It is the frontrunner in the bid for a distributed network ledger currency and will probably succeed as long as the internet remains intact.

    What happens if the internet breaks? (Yes, I know we will be in a dire world if that happens). How would we bootstrap to a new money system?

    It seems to me that we might revert to gold, if the internet breaks. Gold’s residual material value has allowed it to bootstrap a money system over and over again, in history. Is there a way to buttress BTC against a catastrophic internet failure?

  8. I loved your podcast, especially these episodes. I still dream sometimes of the crypto backed by farming activities you mentioned there. I would be super happy to hear new episodes. And many thanks for all the inspiring content you produce, much appreciated

  9. Perhaps the joke is on us …

    While world orders may appear to change, maybe it’s just the narratives that change? Maybe, just maybe, the powers that be remain in force behind the curtain.

  10. The term “liberal world order” is a long-time trademark of the New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which has dominated US policy since WW2. The Davos WEF is a node in the CFR network of interlocking affiliates. Billionaires Larry Fink (BlackRock), David Rubenstein (Carlyle) and Marc Benioff (Salesforce) are WEF trustees. Fink is a CFR director, Rubenstein is the CFR chairman, and Benioff who owns Time magazine is a CFR member.

    As in previous administrations, many key players on the “Biden team” are CFR members including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Agriculture, and ‘Homeland Security’. Also the CIA director, Fed chairman, UN ambassador, and dozens more. The major finance, energy, defense, pharma and media corporations are CFR sponsors, and many of their execs are CFR members.

    Here’s what the CFR oligarchs would like for the proles to believe about their “liberal world order”:


  11. RE: “The problem is that none of their policies are working. In fact they’re actually causing even more damage to the global economy and unleashing greater havoc on the social fabric:”

    Mark, It’s interesting that one could say the opposite from what you stated above, and it would also be true.

    The problem is their policies ARE working. Their policies are meant to cause damage. After all, these “globalists” are nothing more the the fallen angels who lost the war in Heaven and were cast into the earth. The “war” is now here in our realm – and we are not, as of this moment, doing a very good job of winning it.

    IMHO though, the really BIG problem is that they have so stealthily infiltrated every aspect of our “social fabric” that they have virtually hidden themselves while in plain sight. Religion, business, government, education – everything you can imagine (and a lot beyond that) – is suffering from their inherently evil intent. They’ve done such a good job of indoctrinating – making good look like evil and evil look good; or even better, eliminating evil altogether – most people are clueless about their existence – many gladly pitch in to help them carry out their evil deeds, not thinking a thing of it.

    1. Fair point, but it was the system of nation states and the diminishment of the legacy power structure that enabled the developments started over those centuries to take root and grow.

  12. Davos globalists simply want to possess the whole world, to own it.

    They are the most dangerous of all criminals because they are violently anti-life.

    Their interest is not in life itself but only in their own power.

    They are power-hungry, power-mad.

    They are maniacs, they are destructive.

    The moment you possess something that is alive, you will kill it, because the moment something becomes a property it is no more alive.

    Politician the world over are psychologically sick, and psychological sickness tends to become spiritual sickness when it becomes too much, when the psyche cannot hold it any more.

    So what is the sickness?

    The sickness is the inferiority complex.

    Anybody who is interested in power is suffering from an inferiority complex; deep down they feel themselves worthless, inferior to others.

    Inferiority creates ambition, because ambition simply means an effort to prove yourself superior.

    There is no other meaning to ambition but an effort to prove yourself superior.

    But why make an effort to prove yourself superior unless you are suffering from inferiority?

    Klaus Schwab and all of his Davos eugenicists are sick anti-life war criminals and psychopaths.

    They have lost all their humanity.

    They have lost their souls.

    They are no longer human beings.

    And they are now slowly drowning the world in their retarded delusions.

    As we are all having to live though their imposed Marxist reset agenda.

    And this is affecting the whole of humanity.

    A very poisonous idea has now entered into the human mind, that life is a struggle, that one has to fight, that it is a struggle to survive, that everybody is your enemy.

    Treat everybody as your enemy and beware.

    Everybody is going to destroy you.

    So before somebody else destroys you, it is better that you should jump on them.

    The politician has always been dangerous.

    The politician is the most insane person possible.

    But they have never been so powerful.

    They have been always psychotic but this time the mad politicians have nuclear weapons.

    Hope has become hopeless.

    There seems to be no way out of it.

    This creates sadness and depression.

    You can struggle, but everything is futile, a wastage, no one achieves anything.

    This has happened not because humanity is not capable of victory.

    This has happened because the base of the struggle is wrong, the whole effort of the struggle is wrong.


    Because you are only fighting with yourself.

    How can you win?

    Everybody has their own politician in them.

    The politician means the desire to dominate, the desire to be number one.

    The politician means ambition, the ambitious mind – ego.

    Remember: If you want to win, don’t try to win; if you want to be defeated, try to win.

    All great statements are paradoxical.

    Don’t fight with life.

    If you fight, you will never win.

    Why suffer because of others?

    Why create other new problems?

    Just to escape from your own problems?

    Now all these politicians have confused you deeply..

    They repeat constantly the oldest illusion that if you can change the politician it will change the society.

    But nothing ever changes.

    Politicians don’t understand anything at all!

    Go beyond all politicians.

    Not against them, beyond them.

    The voice of your own inner politician is not your original voice.

    Find out the witness.

    Only then will you find out the true inner voice.

    The inner voice will direct you.

    Its directions will be absolutely different from what the politicians say, what the society says – absolutely different.

    Remember, nobody can create your salvation.

    It is your responsibility because it is you who have created your own enslavement, and it is only you who can drop it.

    Relaxation is possible only when you don’t have any enemy within, only then can you relax.

    How can you relax otherwise?

    Relaxation is a state of no-mind where there is no enemy within, not even a trace.

    We are coming dangerously closer and closer to the ultimate destruction of life on the earth.

    Only a quantum leap of consciousness can save us, can save humanity.

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