October 24, 2020

(Part 2 is available here)

A couple of recurring conspiracy theory themes keep being circulated to me, they are specific to Canada but I’m sure these are typical across all locations.  I find these maddening because there is plenty of factual, well sourced and scientifically verified counterfactuals to draw from when being critical of the near universal mishandling of pandemic response by national governments worldwide.

For lockdown skeptics, embracing or amplifying fact-free hysterical conspiracy theories makes them look like lunatics, so they should stop doing that.

Allow me to dispense with the two big Canuck-themed conspiracy theories and then inject some much needed sanity into the conversation via a recent Triggernometry podcast with guest Ivor Cummins.

These conspiracies are:

#1) The Federal Government RFP to build “internment camps”

Sent to be multiple times privately. “Have you heard about the interment camps?”. Etc. They all refer to this actual, Canadian federal tender #6D112-202772/A “Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites” which really does exist.

It sounds bad, doesn’t it. “Federal Quarantine / Isolation Sites” you mean like this kind of thing, nationally?

That’s actually a screen grab from Amazon’s Utopia series, which is a reboot of an earlier BBC series by the same name. I haven’t finished watching the Amazon version, but the BBC was originally about an elite cabal’s conspiracy to depopulate the planet by creating a false pandemic and then releasing a vaccine that would make people who took it, sterile. Pretty far out,  huh?

Anyhoo, back to reality and the Canadian RFP for “The Interment Camps”. If you actually read the tenderyou would see that the specification calls for  bids to provide “Lodging for up to 1600 people spread across Canada”.


1600 people. Nationwide. And mostly in hotel rooms. You can argue whether or not the government has the right to detain people in the midst of a public health crisis. You can even debate if COVID-19 really would be a public health crisis if cooler heads prevailed (more on that below).

What you can’t argue, is that lodging for 1600 people, nationwide, are “internment camps”, because they’re not.

Apparently MPP Randy Hillier asked about this in Parliament “and was kicked out of the caucus for asking about them”. Nice try, Hillier did bring it up in provincial session. But he had already been kicked out of the PC’s in 2019 for an unrelated scandal I’m not up to speed on. He now sits as an independent).

#2) Liberal Party Whistleblower leaks “Great Reset” plan to end private property globally

I see this one more on social media, it purports to be a leak from a Liberal Party whistleblower which was posted to an indie website nobody had ever heard of before this, and a lot more people have heard of since. I won’t link to it here.

It outlines a plan from within the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) “Strategic Planning Committee” to begin introducing more lockdowns this fall, and then faced with the emergence of with a new strain of COVID in 2021 (“COVID-21”) engineer, in concert with national governments worldwide, a global economic collapse. The collapse would be followed by a debt jubilee and the implementation of UBI, with recipients of debt relief and UBI renouncing their claim on private property for the remainder of their lives.

All of this based on an anonymous email (purportedly) sent from a throw-away protonmail account. As I pointed out to the first few people who sent me this, it is so absent of corroboration or attribution that believing it is entirely, 100% faith based. It is totally devoid of evidence.

I can tell you that the only references to the PMOs “Strategic Planning Committee” seem to be in connection with this purported leak. It’s almost as if it doesn’t really exist and it’s not a thing. In Canada, committees are convened by the House of Commons, not the PMO (although it’s possible they informally call their groupings “committees”). The list of House of Commons Committees is here, and there is no Strategic Planning Committee in the list.

I can also tell you that wiping out everybody’s debt also wipes out a lot of other people’s assets, and most of those people whose assets are other people’s debts are: banks, pension funds, endowments and other forms of Big Money. And I don’t think they would sit still for a political drive to wipe out gigantic chunks of their assets. I’ve said it before, and plan to expand on it in the future: “Thank God for Big Money”. Because if you can count on at least one class of participants to act semi-rationally when faced with uncertain outcomes and trade-offs, it’s that.

Now it’s understandable that these kinds of rumours would run rampant, with the likes of the Davos crew in The World Economic Forum calling for using the COVID-19 pandemic as a type of “Great Reset”

…as I remarked on Facebook, it is hard not to imagine Herr Von Schwab delivering this speech wearing a monocle and a red armband.

Yet all this posturing is endemic to the type of catabolic collapse the existing power and institutional structures are facing today. As Jesse and Charles and myself frequently observe in our Axis Of Easy podcasts, we are transitioning from the Age of Nation States into an era of Network States and while it is too early to tell what this going to look like, today’s political class and plutocrats are trying hard to make sure they’re still the ones in charge after this huge tectonic phase shift.

Usually however, that doesn’t happen. When societies transition from one form of organizational structure to another, leadership changes as well. That could be why there is such a push to the hoop to keep a lid on things “as they are” over these past few years and the polarization and disarray is simply the old order turning into dust in the wind….

Perhaps this post has gone on long enough, and I will leave the pragmatic, science and data based skepticism of the governments of the world responses to covid for part 2, but I’ll leave you with that Triggernometry podcast that I highly recommend you watch or listen to if you haven’t already….

(Part 2 of this post is available here)

About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of easyDNS.com, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. The data show clearly that unfocussed lockdowns were a colossal and pointless error. There were voices, such as Michael Levitt’s, pointing this out before any western societies indulged in lockdowns, but the March panic was understandable. And had the various governments reversed themselves by May, I think they would have been forgiven.

    None of the lockdown governments have reversed themselves. Instead they have doubled down . It seems as if justifying the previous error is more important than embarking on rational policy. I cannot help seeing a parallel between this present compounding of a manifest error and the French Military’s persistence in the Dreyfus affair of 1894. They persisted in their persecution of Dreyfus for 12 years, even forging “evidence” to justify it. The affair divided French society.

    The big worry is that the backlash against the shortsighted rear-covering establishment will bring chaos of the kind which all sorts of nasty elements can exploit.

  2. Thanks for the video video links… Ivor Cummins has GREAT scientific info… stuff I have been collecting for months… GREAT CONTEXT… something that is SO LACKING in the MSM.

    If only there was a way to get politicians to listen to the REAL science.

  3. One item dismissed in the “conspiracy” portion of your post is in fact real: the pseudo-vaccine that in fact sterilizes the recipient.
    In the early 1990s a vaccine of this type was tested in the Philippines and in two other Third World countries. It was claimed to be a tetanus vaccine, but five shots were required at monthly intervals, and it was only to be given to women of childbearing age. My wife was a public school teacher at the time, and she was required to take all five shots; in order to collect her pay for each month, she had to prove that she had been “vaccinated.”
    It worked – partially. Many women became sterile for a time – approximately five years. Some did not. There are rumors of birth defects in the children of some women who did not become sterile, but I have not been able to verify them.
    My wife, who received the vaccine in 1995 was able to bear children, beginning in 2000, though she had only two live births in seven pregnancies (her first child, a son, was born before she received the vaccine). It is difficult to attribute part or all of this to the vaccine, as my wife and I are serum incompatible. Happily, our children who made it to term were healthy.
    As an explanation of the scattered results, I believe that the manufacturer of the vaccine was seeking a true clinical test, with some recipients getting the real thing and others a placebo. But that would have required divulging the actual purpose of the vaccine to those receiving it, and to those administering it. The Philippines is 80% Catholic, and this would have led to an immediate failure of the test. A decision was clearly made at a very high level – I believe it was the Secretary of Health – to conceal the purpose of the test, and this led to real vaccines and placebos being mixed up, with each recipient receiving whatever was available.
    One Catholic nun based in Manila is still monitoring as many recipients of the vaccine as she can; we’ve been in touch by email.
    When the Church queried the government about this “vaccine” the answer was in effect “it never happened, and it will never happen again.”
    If anybody is interested, I can dig up my hardcopy files and scan them. In the meantime, the existence of this type of vaccine can be verified by looking up “anti-hgc vaccine” on any search engine.

  4. I think the point is Mark – are the World Economic Forum merely reacting to the conditions brough about by a natural virus, or was the plan and the ‘infrastructure’ in place to react to the pandemic once it arose. I think by banding anything that is not plastered over the pages of the main stream, who are clearly operating with an agenda (e.g. censurship by FB, Twitter etc. and clearly biassed reporting by mainstream media) as conspriacy theory, then you rather hamstringing yourself with your own leash. I don’t belive for one minute that patient zero would not have been identified (if they were infected in the seafood market) or the source bat colony would not have been identified by now, if it existed. By the deafening silence about the precise source of SARS-nCov2, it is most likely this virus came from a lab and neither China nor the NIH that funded the gain of function research in Wuhan are willing to explain what they know about this. This silence is evidence in my mind.

    Furthermore, the machinary for the impending rollout of vaccines and covipasses etc. was all in place before the pandemic narrative was rolled out. Event 201 had been processed and the seed for a cornavirus pandemic had been planted firmly in the mindset. I agree that there are many points of basic fact that can be used to destroy the lockdown culture that has swept the world (well most of it) – but it doesn’t stop counteless governments from persistently ignoring these scientifically supported lines of evidence – egro – there is another plan afoot and covid19 is clearly being used as the great distractor while a new global financial plan is being. It is no secret – a new Breton Woods is being openly talked aout by the IMF etc.

    If one could reisiste what is rolling down the road by scientific discussion and an evidence based approach – that would be great – but if you could we would not be in this position where a normal seasonal virus is being used to usher in social, political and financial reforms on a global scale. This has to be organized – it would not be possible otherwise.

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