March 8, 2020


The Out Of The Cave Monthly Briefing.
GCap #1: Beware The Ides of March
I’ve been wanting to do a monthly newsletter for awhile, and I had the opportunity to test a new system that made creating them a snap, so here we are and please do let me know if you find this useful or annoying.
Unassailable: The book that protects you from Cancel-Culture and Deplatform Attacks

Nevermind Coronavirus (for now), the big news for me last month was the release of my second book, Unassailable.  It seemed that as I was finishing up the book in late 2019 that cancel-culture had perhaps peaked and I had missed the moment with this book.

That sentiment was dashed quite quickly out of the gate in the early days of 2020:

  • Email provider mailchimp suspended Stefan Molyneux’s account in response to a tweet from somebody else (a woman who is the co-founder of the Sleeping Giants collective)
  • Twitter took down Zerohedge’s account based on a hit piece penned by Buzzfeed author Ryan Broderick. An examination of his Twitter archives showed he had committed the exact offense he accused ZH of (namely doxxing somebody). ZH was suspended, whilst Broderick maintains his blue checkmark)
  • Slate magazine asked out loud if there was too much free speech online?
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To discuss all this and more I went on the Tom Woods show, which was quite an honour for me.

Canada’s Broadband Telecom Legislative Review (BTLR) dropped and Slate readers in Canada should be thrilled: it contains a blue print for controlling internet content, including mandatory licensing for all content creators and forcing social media networks to only link to, or provide “discoverability” for “approved media sources”.

Taxpayer funded CBC joined the clamour a few weeks later, marshalling a group of Canadian media companies to draft an open letter to the Trudeau government pleading for legislation to regulate “trusted news” sources online.

All this to combat what I once dubbed “the fifth horseman of the internet apocalypse” – fake news.
Who would be an approved media source in Canada? Probably anybody who benefits from that 600M subsidy announced by the federal government last year.

The BTLR has to be stopped and yours truly introduced a petition into parliament to block it.

(The section headline links to an op-ed I wrote for ThePostMillennial)

Coronavirus pops the Everything Bubble

As Frank Hickey writes in his latest High Tech Strategist, “Once Again, The Music Stopped (Without Much Warning)”.

Imagine if you will, the US markets, as measured by the DJIA experiencing:

  1. The largest single day gain in history
  2. The second largest single day gain in history
  3. The largest single day loss in history
  4. The fastest 10% drop in history
  5. A 50bps emergency rate (the very next day after #1)

…all within the space of a week, I would say that volatility is back and I am going out on a limb to posit that The Everything Bubble has finally topped out.

This is, of course, inexcusable, and the powers-that-be will do whatever it takes to keep asset prices inflating, coronavirus be damned….


As it stands now, gold is powering higher, looking to blow through $1,700/oz, but the gold miners aren’t really confirming (yet).

Bonds are the last man standing of the Everything Bubble and once that pops, look out. See below…


The Bond And The Price Of Gold Are Making Massive Cycle Turns – Mike Swanson (03/07/2020) –

The Quickening….

I started fiddling with the idea to do a monthly newsletter during the last week of February, and my rough notes contained ideas like:

  • The price of TSLA had gone hockey-stick parabolic
  • Elizabeth Warren captured on video deplaning from a private jet going viral (ironic and in line with GCap’s popular post about banning private jets to save the environment).
  • Canada’s supply chain disruptions due to pipeline protestors
  • A mini-rant about “equality of outcomes” as an ideal to strive toward

That was around two weeks ago, and most of that stuff has been rendered obsolete:

The TSLA share price has already nose-dived below the secondary offer price of $767, closing Friday at $703.48. That’s an 8.3% haircut in 10 trading days.

Warren threw in the towel after super-Tuesday.

Canada’s supply chain now faces a much bigger existential threat because of COVID-19 (as does everybody else’s)

Equality of outcome

My mini-rant against the goal of equality of outcome never progressed much further than observing that anybody who espouses that as an ideal is really saying, in effect that,

“nobody else should be more successful, or happier, than me”

and that the sentiment is almost exclusively advocated by miserable and frustrated Marxists who meet many of the symptoms of being mentally ill.

Prove me wrong!

… was as far as I got with it. Other than that the progressive’s zealousness over the certainty of their own morality crowds out self-awareness.

I have 10 invites for ThinkSpot

I set up my Thinkspot account in February. That’s the new social media platform developed by the likes of Jordan B Peterson and Sam Harris, intended to be a place where ideas can be freely expressed without the spectre of cancel culture hanging over one like a Sword of Damocles.

If you’re interested, just reply to this email and the first 10 people will get an invite from me. I’m @markjr on that system so look me up once you’re there (I even seem to have a blue checkmark!)

Should I keep doing this?

Should I keep writing a monthly GCap newsletter? Please reply to this email and let me know if this was of any value to you or a complete waste of your time.


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