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By Kane McGukin via The Mesh Point

“XXXX” is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Whether you’re talking about money or faith, the definition is the same.

Money and Faith operate off the same laws.

Laws Provide Freedom to Those of Unwavering Belief

Laws are for those that are responsible. Having freedom and responsibility requires a level of accountability that can be difficult for man or money to grasp.

Having money sounds easy until you get it. Just look at what happens to lottery winners. Overnight, responsibility goes from a little to a lot. Expectations from all external relationships all of a sudden become greater. Money and faith are double edge swords forged from the same set of laws.

Having faith offers similar challenges when it comes to avoiding the evil desires of the world. The wicked ways of embedded human greed. A desire for power and control. Money and faith are similar in that they both take unwavering commitment and come with many trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Their paths travel across darkness and light in ways that no other parts of our lives do.

When our core laws are broken. When our foundations are built on sand, it shows up last in our money.

While most of us focus and see what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Our state of money is an external reflection of our internal beliefs. The state of money shows you the state of the beliefs that drive corporations and people. It’s why actions speak louder than words.

There’s a clear line between our internal foundations and our external outcomes. The products delivered or behaviors seen are a reflection of our hidden beliefs.

When money is broken, as it clearly is today, all you have to do is look back down the chain because our problems do not come from without, they come from within (JAS 4:7-10)

  • What are the decisions of corporations?
  • What are the decisions of the handful of people running those entities?
  • What are the values and beliefs the masses live by?

To Fix the Money, You Must First Fix the People

Evil knows and abuses the fact that we are weak and externally minded. It thrives on our natural desire for greed. Desire to want more, create excess, and hoard.

Our monetary system currently plays the tune of this evil song while staring it right in the face.

The system is riddled with contradiction and subjective opinions. It operates on a flimsy ruleset that is altered if and when situations don’t work as desired. It’s designed such that accountability can be obfuscated at the expense of freedom. It’s a system that operates in the world to offer the appearance of ease, supply, and flex at the expense of morals, honor, and work.

We’re witnessing and interacting with another battle staged between good and evil. Good money vs. bad money. Each has its own pitfalls and its own armies.

New vs. Old. Corrupt vs. Uncorrupt. Two monetary regimes at war.

An upstart (Bitcoin) offering to reintroduce a system of rules and code or law. Oriented in principles of work, proof, and sowing within the resources you have to wait for the fruits of your labor when the time comes. A system working against one designed to provide an external facade of safety through declining levels of support within.

Our belief system. Our churches, face the same pandemic as our money.

Because in our current state, there is a belief in money and not in principles. There is a belief that money is going to do the work for us if we get to a certain amount. A belief that if we just follow the steps, college, MBA, and career. Then, we’ll have everything we need. The truth is, money and faith only work if you work them. Money only works if you use it as a tool. Faith only works if you apply it from within and spread it about your daily life.

Money and God are unique in that they are at the center of most of our decisions. They can change lives, though there are laws you must live by in order to receive their true benefits. Yes, God has already done everything for us but we still have to do our part. Money will do everything for us, but there comes a point where we still have to take action. We have to put it to good use.

Money, like God, will not do things for us. We must do things for them in order to receive their true value.

The cycle of money ebbs and flows with the rise and fall of civilizations because of this relationship.

Each starts sound. Built on principles and true value. In the beginning, work that goes in is saved across time. As things get easier expansion happens which leads to credit. Expansion continues until credit turns to leverage which drives economies and their people to their breaking point. External pressures build and become the driver of internal desires. Thus reversing our natural state of internal forces dictating external reality.

In late stage money, internal forces are placed on the back burner. Cracks begin to appear. It’s a fall from grace so to speak.

“Spiritual maturity is something you have to want to do. It’s something that doesn’t happen by accident.” ~ Hassan Boyle

“Bitcoin is something you have to want to do. It’s something that doesn’t happen by accident.”

Rewriting this quote in a monetary context helps depict the relationship and power of sound money vs. unsound money. It helps articulate the battle we’re watching unfold.

Believers should understand that God gave us the resources and it’s up to us to sow the seed, to plow the field, to do the work because God will not do those things for us. He will do it through us but not for us.

The same applies to savers. We should understand that money is the resource we’ve been given. Just having money is not what matters. It’s how you sow it. That is what grows it. In both cases, only time will tell. Your efforts will either bring the fruits of labor or bare the thorns of laziness.

Money’s Connection to Faith

Our belief systems are being rattled. Faith and money. They go hand in hand. One begets the other.

Bitcoiners understand this principle in a way that Keynesian and Modern Monetary Theorists do not. Bitcoin offers those Biblical properties in monetary form while the current state of dollars encourages the 7 deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

The importance of the battle playing out in our monetary system can be defined by the image below.

Source: Bible Optics – Hassan Boyle

Our condition is one such that we find ourselves watching banks fail, political fumbles, and division. The interruption is Bitcoin. An external force that presents a challenge an inflationary system was not designed to handle.

The above, are core tenants of man which also apply to money. The erosion of these laws leads to a repeating cycle of change in civilizations roughly every 240 years and a change in reserve money roughly every 70. These are the drivers of cycles within the 4 Turnings.

Freedom is responsibility. Discipline is freedom. Ownership equals freedom. When you have it, what will you do with it?

As we are witnessing in the ways and actions of our leaders, men are not created equal. Just as we are not equal in Christ.

However, we all have equal opportunity but we don’t all take it. God does not choose for us, we do. Money does not choose for us, we do. Both present a path and a set of options. WE must choose to define the outcomes.

If we don’t get up and take advantage of the opportunity God or money provides, it will not happen for us (1 John 5:18)

The laws of the inside are reflected on the outside. The mirror, our world, tells us the truth.

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About the author 

Kane McGukin

Kane McGukin is Senior Data Strategist at Arkos Global Advisors. Prior to that he worked in wealth management at Bear Stearns and later UBS.

A graduate from Auburn University with a BBA in Finance, Kane writes the The Mesh Point blog and hosts the Navigating Bitcoin’s Noise podcast.

He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two daughters.

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