February 15, 2022



Welcome to the era of civil asset forfeiture for your bank accounts. Where governments are woke, broke, and the new f-bomb is Freedom.

Christia Freeland’s edict tonight that the government can now seize bank accounts with no due process and no recourse could only have been made possible by a complicit media, shaping an utterly false narrative about the truckers convoys and even of “freedom” itself.

For about six years or so, the far left, woke progressives have been operating under the assumption of being (ironically) “on the right side of history”, that their pronunciations, accusations and neuroses were canonical truth while all other thought was heretical and offensive.

They believed themselves to be objectively correct about everything, and that they evangelized an all-encompassing worldview of purported fairness and equity. Yet, the vast majority of their rhetoric is the embodiment of flat-out hatred and othering. For self-declared anti-fascists, their prescriptions around nearly everything amount to pure unvarnished totalitarianism.

They’ve destroyed classical liberalism, they’ve hijacked everything to the left of Ronald Reagan and they’ve polarized the discourse to such as degree that anything which is not full throated cultural marxism is deemed far-right.

Against this backdrop of institutionalized gaslighting, on the eve of the Trudeau government’s declaration of martial law, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that..

The times, they are a changing

Whether anybody cares to admit it or not, the Truckers Revolt, having spread not only across Canada but around the world, has catalyzed a sea change. The public sentiment was already there: people were sick of COVID Tyranny and they were sick of lockdowns and even a large swath of the double vaccinated (like myself) find the vax mandates to be Orwellian and authoritarian.

Covid is over. However the ones who hadn’t yet tapped into the change in public sentiment were the political class, who have come to enjoy ruling by edict for two years, the corporate oligarchy who conveniently had most of their small business competitors forced to shut down, and the mainstream media, who now have to somehow climb down from a sugar high of non-stop doom mongering.

The truckers set something off, a fire, and then Justin Trudeau almost single-handedly poured all the gas that was needed to turn it into a global contagion of backlash.

But it has been astonishing how quickly the wind has shifted. The quicker witted politicians are now scrambling to position themselves as being against mandates, with Saskatchewan, Alberta and even Ontario moving to scrap them.

Liberals like Bill Maher are comparing Justin Trudeau to Hitler, and that was before he declared martial law…

Jon Stewart was heard navel gazing about the “misinformation boogeyman”, as if countless people haven’t been saying it for years….

Who would have thunk it?

Never before have so many people had their eyes opened to the sanctimonious narcissism and hypocrisy of today’s political monoculture and the cultural Marxists that support it. For that, COVID may have its silver lining.

Without it, we would have endured another couple decades of creeping collectivism that would have culminated in a technocratic authoritarianism that may have taken a century to self-destruct (as centrally planned dictatorships always do).

Covid pulled it all forward into 18 months. It was, as I frequently quip “too much, too soon”

This extreme political overreach is actually quickening the implosion legacy establishment and the awakening of the public. The era of woke hegemony will almost certainly enter a period of secular decline in this post-pandemic denouement.

When the next media driven gleichschaltung comes along, it’s going to be a tougher sell. The corporate press has irredeemably discredited itself and they will be in scramble mode over the next few years for mere survival. Only those who get back to their core mandate of actual journalism have a shot.

Welcome to Cyprus 2.0

There is only one true existential threat to society right now, and that is the impending collapse of the global financial bubble. It’s the one thing that can’t be averted, and it’s the one crisis policymakers will go to any lengths to avoid acknowledging (because they created it).  They’ll do anything to gloss over it. It was probably the core motivator behind exaggerating the actual danger of COVID over the past two years.

They’re so desperate they’ll gladly trade any other crisis, no matter how contrived (like climate hysteria) or dangerous (like a hot war with Russia) in order to blot out the impending economic carnage from the public’s awareness.

 Remember how after the Cyprus bail-in of 2013,  legislation that permitted the same thing was rapidly adopted by governments all over the world?

Make no mistake, this is Cyprus 2.0. Tonight’s move by Freeland and the Liberals just ushered in the era of civil asset forfeiture for your bank accounts. All we need is for somebody to bless it with the word “template”. 

Cyprus boosted Bitcoin over the $1,000 USD mark for the first time ever. Granted only a few hours have passed since the decree, but it is telling that cryptos ramped immediately…


Both then and now,  what they’ve accomplished is to actually amplify the game theory that incentivizes getting as much of one’s wealth out of the legacy banking system as fast as possible.

Nevermind that in the legacy banking system:

  • Your purchasing power is stolen via inflation (accelerating toward escape velocity)
  • Interest rates on your savings are negative in real terms
  • You’re using debt as currency

As of tonight, in Canada, the old adage “safe as money in the bank” isn’t what it used to be. Your money can be seized. 

  • No warrant. No court order
  • No due process, no recourse
  • and the banks are shielded from liability.


Bitcoin as the global opt-out. When you don’t have protection under the law, when you’re just on the receiving end of what is decreed, when ultra-wealthy socialists are busily re-imagining your life, and when you get demonized as a fringe and alt-right just for demanding your “Freedom” back, then you really don’t have to do anything else.

Just nod and smile and stack some sats.

The rest will take care of itself.

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About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of easyDNS.com, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. Reminds me of the power we received here in Nigeria when people all over the country broke out into the streets to protest the end of police brutality – ENDSARS and totalitarianism in governance, which escalated into the Lekki Toll gate massacre. Bitcoin saved the day when bank accounts of public figures and sponsors of the protest got seized.

    Great job, The Crypto Capitalist

  2. You do realize that a lot of us; with lots of money in the bank, don’t understand Bitcoin. You people need to do a easy to understand course for the public. Your assumption that everyone understands it and knows how to get it is silly. Especially for older people. Get on it. Billions are waiting, but you’re not on the ball.

  3. Welcome to the ‘new’ Canada. Full, in-your-face totalitarianism FOR YOUR SAFETY. I’ve lost the last shred of respect I held for the political class (and the mainstream/legacy media that constantly helps them).

  4. How do you pay your bills in bitcoin without a centralized exchange? Poses a problem for mortgages rent car payments etc. how many people are privileged enough to live life without those things? There is a fatal flaw in this system your proposing considering it’s basically non functional to service debts. Infrastructure has yet to be built in a manner that preserves enough privacy or functionality. While bitcoin does allow escape we seem to be silently passing over a glaring flaw; bitcoin only works if you can cash it out into fiat paper. Authorities have clearly demonstrated the traceability in accordance with kyc and ama regulations. Therefore once you become a financial unperson you also forfeit the right to utilize their payment rails. Ergo you can convert fiat to bitcoin… maybe. At best you’ll be going from bitcoin to fiat and never returning. At worst you won’t even be able to get in. That’s a check from governments across the globe. We’ve yet to see if bitcoin has a checkmate move awaiting up its sleeve.

    Any comments addressing the noted concerns above?

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