January 29, 2022

Bias, power and gaslighting on raw display

As the pandemic’s grip on society is clearly waning, governments at various levels and locales seem to be sorting themselves into two buckets:

  1. End all emergency measures and learn to live with an endemic COVID
  2. Cling to emergency powers and up the ante

Canada is vast country that is run primarily by left-wing liberals who select their PMs from political dynasties in Quebec and who couldn’t pull it off without the support of urban Toronto (the 416).

The corporate media in Canada is largely homogenous, liberal and unabashedly globalist. To them, anything outside of Toronto or Ottawa is “flyover country”. Anything that happens there doesn’t matter unless it’s some issue that can wrapped within a narrative of victimhood to shame the populace into believing their country is a structurally racist, carbon spewing abomination.

In Canada, a pitched ideological battle between the Liberals and Conservatives would be whether the top marginal tax rate should be 53% (where it is now) or 45%. If things got really wild and bare knuckled, maybe Trudeau would come out with a “double-mask” mandate and Erin O’Toole, a third-rate non-entity who has lost two fat-pitch elections, would say “1.5 masks!” Even then he would waffle as soon as some polling data came out.

That’s the political spectrum in Canada, unless you count the NDPs who are even further left than the Liberals. Federally, the NDPs are led by a millionaire socialist.

The Libertarians here are a joke (sorry, but it’s true. I ran for the Libertarian Party federally in 2015 so I get to say that).

Political leaders actually standing up for the civil rights of all Canadians are few and far between: Maxime Bernier federally, running the PPC, and here in Ontario the likes of Randy Hillier and Roman Baber – a couple of MPPs who were jettisoned from #FordNation for resisting the lockdowns and mandates.

When it comes to these rare political voices, and despite rising popular support for them, the corporate media circles the wagons and demonizes them as (what else?) racists, far-right, etc.

Out of nowhere, comes the truckers

By “nowhere” I mean any place outside of Toronto, the economic hub of Canada where progressivist thinking is dominant and compulsory. Here in the city, bare shelves in the grocery stores are more likely to spark angry calls to the Amazon Prime support desk than any serious introspection on why. There is no awareness that everything  that magically appears on the shelves of Whole Foods, without fail, every day, was grown, farmed, raised, slaughtered, processed and then transported by non-cosmopolitan plebes from backwoods Canada (or US).

The #FreedomConvoy is on their way to Ottawa to protest vax passports and lockdown tyranny because nobody else will do it.

It was the political opposition’s job, they instead supported it.

It was a mainstream media’s job to examine and question it. Instead they propagandized it.

So it comes down to these (in the eyes of the media) backward, racist, infantile hillbillies, to stand up for constitutionally guaranteed human rights that most Canadians are too cowardly or sycophantic to demand back.

Predictably, Canada’s corporate media, who received hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates, tax credits and funding from the federal government has come out with hostility against the truckers. CBC, the state funded broadcaster, is even pulling out the “Russian actors” card…

And their pals in Big Tech are helping them.

On the left: a search via Google in a clean browser on Freedomconvoy, on the right, same search via DuckDuckGo.

Click for full size

Note how the entire issue is framed by Google:

If it were up to Google (and it is, when you use them for search), there is no popular support for #Freedomconvoy, everything above the fold is media antagonism and hostile editorial demonizing.

Contrast with DuckDuckGo: which unassumingly pulls in excerpts from websites involved with the convoy itself and its Wikipedia entry.

Which one is biased and trying to shoehorn you into a predetermined narrative? Which one looks to be simply trying to pull in what the user is actually searching for?

For awhile it also looked like the GoFundMe for the Freedom Convoy, which has raised $7.9 million from over 21,000 donors as I write this, was initially going to suspend it and freeze their funds. Fortunately they backed off when they had the beginnings of a major shitstorm on their hands. (Disclosure: I have made a donation to Freedom Convoy)

Trudeau, for his part, when not demonizing fellow Canadians as racists and misogynists will not be on hand in Ottawa to face the truckers (whom he called “fringe”). He’s claiming a community COVID exposure to go into hiding….


The problem with Trudeau’s story is the Ottawa Public Health rules clearly do not call for five day isolation for an asymptomatic community contact accompanied by a negative test. Trudeau is basically lying (and has since fled the city….)

I wrote at the beginning of this month, on New Year’s Day that the pandemic was over. It’s just a matter of how fervently the most brainwashed and self-serving will cling to failed narratives. The truckers are part of the resistance. I’m part of the resistance, and you should be part of the resistance.

Hold your politicians accountable: vote every single incumbent politician out. Anybody who held any office at any level of government in any jurisdiction who was not vocally opposed to lockdown tyranny has to go. Cancel all your mainstream media subscriptions. Turn off your TV.

It’s over and it’s time for anybody and everybody who stands in the way of full restoration of civil and human rights to be held accountable.

(Follow my ongoing coverage of media bias against the #FreedomConvoy on Twitter or Gettr)

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About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower Media and CEO of easyDNS.com, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. I just got back from watching the convoy from an overpass in a rural area outside Ottawa.. Hundreds waiting in -30 degrees weather. This at every highway overpass. The mainstream media in Canada supports tyranny by ignoring the truth.

  2. Head of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2017:

    “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders… like Trudeau”

  3. From the WEF they are proud to have a majority presence in all the important governments of the world, thanks to their program for young leaders

    Klaus confirms a pattern that caught our attention, that line of young and handsome leaders along with a common narrative across the globe. From the World Economic Forum they are delighted to penetrate government cabinets. A global political mafia and a scene to tremble, given the depth they have.

  4. God bless those truckers! I'm fairly sure Trudeau is quaking in his basement and will be forced to capitulate to these voices of reason. It's interesting that in the past couple of years those who do physical jobs and have kept working seem to have mostly been fine, sane and healthy. Contrast that with those who have the luxury of working from home with their laptops — the bed-wetters lobotomised by big-tech propaganda, begging to live under permanent government control. I know which ones are the heroes standing up for freedom.

  5. Excellent article, Mark. Thank you. More and more people need to wake up to the mainstream media corrupt bias of hiding and spinning the truth!

  6. Great succinct summary of current Canadian politics.

    We met the truckers at the start of one stream of the convoy. All good people.

  7. Is this a "Ceausescu Moment" for the political class?

    It has really exposed the futility of the so-called opposition in Parliament. They are all toadies of the Establishment. O'Toole is a hole in space. I saw Maxime Bernier at the rally at the weekend (being mobbed by everyone). He seems to be the only political figure in the country with any backbone and common sense.

    Perhaps this could be a breakthrough for the People's Party?

  8. Well said. I have been against this thing from the start, primarily because of intelligent voices & opinions I've been able to access via the internet. So hopefully this past weekend will open some eyes. The truckers & those Canadians on the ground across the country are amazing . I was in tears at times just feeling so proud. Unfortunately, Trudeau will continue to lie, deceive & do what he can to promote his agenda. He considers himself the ruler of Canada, not it's leader.
    & of course there are those who like to be controlled, to follow any rules but my hope is the Canadian Spirit will prevail. My Dad was a WWII vet, & he used a quote that he heard, " Freedom is not free, it comes at a cost, & that cost eventually & unfortunately is blood". People should not be afraid of their government, Government should be afraid of the people.

  9. Excellent article!! Thank God for the truckers who have true courage and are real heroes for doing this! Love and support!!

  10. Great insights. I started Toronto Street News newspaper in 1999-2017 until I had my three staff and informants burnt out of their homes, my car blown up and two attempts on my life.

    I reported facts so they could not sue me or deny the facts so they were reduced to these six terrorist attacks. When police attended while the smoke was still rising from my blown car and I showed evidence to who did it — they dropped their notebook and ran away.

  11. Prayers for the Canadians (and the world.) Continue to rise above their negative BS…you are showing the world what humanity is all about.

  12. Great article, however we have to beware that even if they lift mandates, they will still push their digital ID. All financial, medical and govt services on one ID. Routine adult vaccines to be made compulsory. No flu shot? We’ll freeze your driving license, bank account. Total control.

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