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March 13, 2023


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A King is a fraudster who, through instilling a false sense of authority in his followers, manages to extract a significant portion of their wealth for himself. In this sense Emory Andrew Tate III, and his brother Tristan, are no different. And like a King, this family line has more than one skeleton in its closet.

A Perfect Murder Weapon

In 1975, dubbed “The Year of Intelligence”, the Church Committee made a terrifying discovery. It wasn’t the shady and unlawful acts of Operation MKULTRA, nor the coordinated disinformation campaigns of COINTEPRO and Operation Mockingbird. Neither was it the Family Jewels report of countless murders of foreign politicians or Project SHAMROCK, arguably one of the first mass-surveillance programs involving private telecommunications companies across the United States. What was found was a weapon the CIA had devised for committing the perfect murder, a weapon that would leave practically no trace it was used on the victim.

Later described in a 1998 documentary by former CIA employee Mary Embree, her research into poisons culminated in the creation of a special firearm that Senator Church held in his very hands and questioned then CIA Director William Colby about its function.

Sen. Frank Church holding the CIA’s heart attack gun.

As described, the gun would silently fire a small dart of frozen poison. The projectile would enter the victim, leaving only a small bruise at the site of entry, and the poison would go on to trigger what looked like a catastrophic heart attack in the victim.

It is unknown how many times, and on whom, this weapon has been used.

Death of Tate Jr.

The person most people know as “Andrew Tate” is actually the third in a line of firstborn sons to carry this name. While Tate III’s career has been the subject of much discussion in the media, little attention has been paid to his father, Emory Andrew Tate Jr.

Born in Chicago on December 27, 1958, his father (Emory Andrew Tate Sr.) was an attorney, and his mother ran a truck-leasing business. He learned chess at a young age and grew up to be a ferocious adversary at the game. Tate Jr. joined the Air Force and rose to the rank of staff sergeant, where he “excelled as a linguist” and was hailed by his chess-playing peers as having “unmatched perspicacity,” earning him the nickname “Extraterrestrial.”

He married Englishwoman Eileen Ashleigh in 1985 and his son, Emory Andrew Tate III, was born shortly thereafter.

As his career in the Air Force waned, he continued rising as a competitive chess player, eventually earning him the title of an International Chess Master. He won the US Armed Forces Chess Championship five times.

The 1987 Armed Forces Championship Air Force team, left to right: Brian Lankey, Bobby Moore, Greg Vitko, Martin Dean, Emory Tate, and Leroy Hill.

According to Tate III, at some point in his career, Tate Jr. was recruited into the CIA. His ability to rapidly learn new languages was seen as potentially useful to the CIA, and he learned Russian in record-breaking time. Beyond this nothing is known, as Tate III is the only source of this information, and no media outlet has ever covered Tate Jr’s possible CIA connections.

Looking for more, this author served FOIA requests on both the CIA and USAF for records pertaining to Tate Jr. The CIA responded, predictably saying they could neither confirm nor deny that he ever worked for the agency. The USAF’s response, however, raises some alarms – they could not locate any records for him at all. Were these expunged after being recruited into the CIA, or is this simply a case of bureaucratic laziness?

The weirdness does not end here.

Ledger Rebate earn 21,000 sats back

At a chess competition in Milpitas, CA, on October 17, 2015, Tate Jr. suddenly drops dead of a heart attack shortly after returning from the bathroom to his match. While such events are now commonplace, in 2015 it ought to raise some questions. This was not a man anyone expected to die in moments from a catastrophic heart attack, especially since Tate Jr’s opponent stated he did not sense anything was wrong with Tate Jr. until he returned from the bathroom.

The autopsy report raises even more questions surrounding Tate Jr’s death. The Santa Clara County medical examiner, Joseph P. O’Hara, remarks on some unusual scarring that covers his extremities.

How these scars got there is yet another topic that has never been discussed by anyone. Are these evidence of torture, self-harm, or something else? There’s no way to know for sure, and Tate III has not been forthcoming about answering questions about his father (more on that later).

Further down the report, though, is a bombshell.

Remember the CIA’s heart attack gun and imagine a man coming up behind someone standing at a urinal, drawing the gun, and firing it. Assuming a right-handed assailant, where would the projectile hit? Exactly where you would expect, we find precisely the wound that former CIA employee Mary Embree said this weapon would leave.

Tate Jr’s other injuries are consistent with someone falling and hitting their face on a table, floor, or both on the way down. No other injuries were present on his corpse, so what happened here, and why? Was the CIA concerned Tate Jr may be revealing (or about to reveal) things he wasn’t supposed to?

While this is circumstantial, what is not is Tate Jr’s estate. It is apparent that he had means far beyond what a simple airman and chess player has, with one news report revealing the true extent of his wealth.

They [Tate III and Tristan] would have inherited from their father a hotel in Thailand, through which they would have amassed a significant fortune, which would amount to millions of euros.

What was Tate Jr’s interest in Thailand, and why would he buy a hotel there? With what money? Nothing about this man’s official story lines up with the facts and evidence that have been presented here and by various other outlets. According to Tate III, his father led a peripatetic lifestyle, eschewing material possessions – so what was he doing buying hotels in Thailand, and when?

Grifting in Romania

By the time of his father’s death, Tate III had exited his kickboxing career and, shortly afterwards, he appeared on the UK’s Big Brother reality show. He was quickly removed after video surfaced of him “hitting a woman with a belt.

It’s at this point that Tate III’s career as a foil for the anti-male, radical feminist movement appears to begin, and is probably no coincidence this started within months of his father’s demise. His appearance on Big Brother was the seed being planted in the public mind, which grows with him (and others working behind the scenes) creating the appearances of him being a pillar of virtue in the male community.

I’m a person of integrity who doesn’t need money. I will not let a single person who believes in me lose money because of my words. I refuse to sell any bullshit. I will not sell my soul. That’s it. If you believe in Tate, your life’s gonna get better.

Gaining your victim’s trust is step one of a con game, and Tate III has taken his game to unprecedented heights. Constant negative media coverage creates the pathos needed in the growing population of disaffected men. With the help of his younger brother Tristan, the pair recruited dozens of young women to work for them out of a studio in Romania. They’re on record as having chosen to operate out of Romania because they knew the laws around what they planned to do there were lax.

With his team in place, they proceeded to defraud hundreds of men out of millions of dollars selling fake ‘sob’ stories to men desperate for female attention. The women would feign interest in the victims, even making plans to meet, which they never had any intention of honoring, often collaborating with and impersonating each other so they could maintain a 24/7 online presence. Both Tate III and Tristan have proudly declared, multiple times, that their business is a scam. Tate III’s only regret appears to be his inability to create the kind of revenue that a former ex-Disney star could in a single day on OnlyFans.

This is the only physical book you need when medical help is not on the way.

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Despite these arrogant and audacious confessions, men continue to flock to Tate III, utterly hypnotized by his charisma. He has all the hallmarks of a career psychopath or, at the very least, a high functioning sociopath.

Hours after what appears to have been a staged online spat with climate catastrophist Greta Thunberg, Romanian police raided Tate III’s company headquarters, arresting him and Tristan. The charges, involving human trafficking, are almost certainly designed to fail once tested in court. As previously stated, Tate III thrives on the Stockholm-syndrome-like empathy of his victims. None of the girls working for his scam operation were being sexually trafficked, and they all came out in support of their gravy train. Many of them were earning tens of thousands of dollars each month lying to hundreds of men online, and they certainly don’t want that income to stop. Rumors of Tate III’s failing health while in custody began circulating and it seems like he will emerge from this ordeal with the Tate brand stronger than ever.

Being an international incident, this author served the US State Department with a FOIA request on all their communications with the Romanian authorities, and other documents pertaining to the Tate affair. The Department has effectively refused to comply with that request, stating they would need until March 2025 to complete their search for records.

It is clear there are things about the Tate’s the US government is protecting. The why is almost certainly going to be more interesting than the what.

Lingering Questions

As with my other reports there are always unanswered questions, blind spots, gray areas, and other holes that must be filled in before a complete picture emerges. What is certain, however, is that nobody truly knows what Emory Andrew Tate III is all about. The same goes for his father, and just how much does Tate III know about it?

This author approached Tate III multiple times with these questions. All requests were met with silence.

When chatting with ‘Seagal from Cobratate’, he insisted I buy a $4,500 membership to join the “War Room” so I could ask these questions, confirming Tate III does not do legitimate interviews about real issues that personally impact him.

There is also the question of whether Tate III had some involvement in his father’s death. The deep state typically requires new entrants to do something depraved, horrifying, and illegal, so they can ensure their silence should they ever decide to leave their service. Kanye West once referred to this as a “sacrifice,” necessary to join the upper echelons of this dangerous cult.

So, I ask you, dear reader, given the evidence how probable is it that Tate III “sacrificed” his father to enter the deep state and take his role as King of the Simps?

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  1. Hi Mr E.
    Just a note for this article. I see you said that Tate Sr was good at languages…
    You talk about him leading a "peripatetic lifestyle" so it was odd that he was buying hotels in Thailand.

    Did Tate Sr speak French or Tate III speak French?

    Because "peripatetic" in French ('péripatéticienne') also has another meaning: It is more widely understood by French speakers to apply to a prostitute who plies her trade by the traditional method of walking up and down a stretch of pavement.

    A bit of word magic on behalf of a linguist perhaps??

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