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August 14, 2023


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An unavoidable connection one makes when exploring the deep-state are its ties with child trafficking rings and sexual abuse. The downfall of Jeffrey Epstein brought this issue into the limelight, but few people truly know how long stuff like this has been going on. It’s a difficult topic that many authors are reluctant to tackle for their own safety and sanity.

One such book that I recently read is The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya, and believe me when I say – There’s never been ANYTHING written like this before. It places the matter of elite pedophilia in a deeper historical context that sheds new light on this awful phenomenon. It’s rare for one to put forth a paradigm-shattering theory of the world that leaves even experienced researchers both deeply perturbed and awestruck, but this book succeeds.

The overarching narrative the otherworldly author uses to tie together tens of thousands of years of human history is as worrisome as it is compelling. It draws on several disciplines of modern science, as well as just about every religious scripture that has ever been written. Published anonymously by the mysterious Library of Cernê, this reads like a handbook for living on Planet Earth, complete with a history of the world, cosmology, threat assessment, and a guide to personal growth and salvation.

If correct, we now know the true governing powers of the world, how long they’ve been in charge, where they came from (down to their genetics and family bloodline), how they operate, what the deal is with all the alien task forces and hearings, and what’s to become of the ruling class and us.

I reached out to the publishing company and they’ve graciously let me reproduce one of the most important chapters of the book – which you can syndicate with attribution. Be forewarned, this chapter explores the darkest evil being perpetrated today, and it is on such a scale and duration the mind recoils in either disbelief or horror. However, with the overwhelming success of Sound of Freedom, the world is now ready to explore the most heinous secret ever kept by the ruling classes.

So, without further ado…

Chapter 15: Defiling the Innocent

How have the Nephilim managed to perpetuate their nefarious philosophy for over ten millennia? From the beginning, they understood they must control the children.

The ruling class knows that children are the most vulnerable among us, and they take special care to defile these innocents by traumatizing and brainwashing them from an early age. The tools of this brainwashing are multifold: they include the reeducation systems of which you have read, but there are also the darker, occult tools of ritual abuse, designed to break a person’s will and mind and summon alter-egos that are easily programmed in ways that further their agenda.

Demon’s Lust

On the 12th of October 1875, a dark entity was born into your world: Edward Alexander Crowley. Dubbed “the Beast” by his own mother, a moniker in which he reveled, young Edward later became known as Aleister Crowley, a highly influential figure in the European occult circles that had been growing over the previous decades.1

One of Crowley’s crowing achievements was the creation of Thelema, a system of thought that used sex rituals and blood sacrifice to summon demons for the practioners’ selfish purposes. Over the course of his life, Crowley immersed himself in every evil imaginable, notably in a dilapidated house he called the Abbey of Thelema, all in service to his vision for the ruling classes of the earth:

We should found society upon a caste of “men of the earth,” sons of the soil, sturdy, sensual, stubborn and stupid, unemasculated by ethical or intellectual education, but guided in their evolution by the intelligent governing classes towards an ideal of pure animal perfection.2

Knowingly or unknowingly, he was the perfect tool for the Nephilim, who had revealed enough of their arts to Crowley to make him appear almost supernatural, and people flocked to him as moths to a flame.

One such devotee was Harry Hay, who deeply admired Crowley’s promiscuous bisexuality and penchant for sodomy. You see, Hay himself was a prominent figurehead in the LGBT movement and remains so even after his death in 2002. Crowley’s sex “magick,” as he spelled the word, featured heavily in Hay’s own writings, who exalted depravity as a path to enlightenment and liberation. Hay is most famously known for being an ardent promoter and defender of pedophilia, issuing many defenses of one of their lobby groups: the North American Man-Boy Love Association.3

It was easy for the general public to ignore the likes of Crowley and Hay, since they were clearly twisted figures who were incapable of engendering trust. But since the early years of the twenty-first century, there has been a push from within professional circles to normalize pedophilia in society, as you shall see.

Why is such a reviled practice being defended and perpetuated? It is because pedophilia is a tool of the Nephilim and their descendants to break children and make them instruments of their bidding, such that they are shaped to unquestioningly serve the Nephilim’s goals. Indeed, one psychologist studying this phenomenon reports that, in many cases, one of the personalities created in the fractured mind of a child victim is an alter ego—an image of the attacker that abides, thus making it easier for the adult victim to step into the role of perpetrator and thus continue the legacy of evil.4

Consider the growing transgender activist movement, which confuses children about their sexuality from a young age with pornographic performances and other materials inserted into school curricula. Could it be that children are thus left vulnerable to predators who step in to offer firmer “guidance” on the child’s sexuality? If so, who does that vulnerability serve? Those in charge leave no room to question these practices. When parents in the United States challenge school boards about the sexualization of minors, normalization of pedophilia, the promotion of transgenderism, and the stripping away of their parental responsibility and authority over what their children are exposed to, the FBI labels them as domestic terror threats.

A key agency in normalizing pedophilia and suppressing knowledge of the Nephilim’s heinous actions is the American Psychiatric Association, whose members have been promoting pedophilia as simply another sexual preference for many decades. Consider, for instance, Dr. Frederick Berlin, founder of the Sexual Disorders Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, who stated at a 2003 conference that “people who are sexually attracted to children should learn not to feel ashamed of their condition.”5 The mainstream media has joined these professionals, featuring articles written by pedophiles in an attempt to garner sympathy for their degenerate, destructive impulses.6

There are many more examples of child abuse in your civilization, carried out by agencies and people in power. The Catholic Church is one well-known example, with Pope John XXIII issuing the Crimen Sollicitationis in 1962—a set of instructions for covering up the sexual abuse of children by priests taking place throughout Christendom. The FBI also participated in a cover-up, hiding documents and falsifying the claims of the child victims, thereby protecting the perpetrator, Larry Nassar, doctor of the US Olympic Team, and allowing him to continue molesting gymnasts.7

And there’s more. A top FBI agent in charge of crimes against children was a pedophile.8 In fact, the FBI’s corruption and direct involvement in sex scandals goes all the way back to J. Edgar Hoover, first director of the FBI and a closeted homosexual who is known to have commiserated with pedophiles.9 Hoover gained such notoriety during his tenure that US President Harry Truman wrote of Hoover’s FBI, “We want no Gestapo or Secret Police. F.B.I. is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex life scandles [sic] and plain blackmail when they should be catching criminals. They also have a habit of sneering at local law enforcement officers.”10

And there’s yet more evidence of rampant pedophiliac practices among the high and mighty. Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving speaker of the US House of Representatives and a confessed sexual abuser of young boys, used his banking connections to cover up the same crimes by others.11 BBC icon Jimmy Savile sexually abused over 500 children, even having sex with corpses.12 He was a close friend to King Charles III and even “elevated” to knighthood in 1990 by the king’s mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Andrew, brother of the king, was a close associate and customer of convicted pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.13 Through inaction, the state of Arizona and the US army facilitated a child sex torture ring.14 The UN World Food Program forced starving children as young as nine to give sex for food.15 In Haiti, hundreds of UN peacekeepers ran a child sex trafficking ring for over a decade, and none were jailed after it came to light.16 Laws have even been proposed in the United States legalizing marriages between adults and prepubescent children.17 After trying and failing for years to obtain authorization to begin an investigation, an Australian police officer provided a list of twenty-eight known pedophiles to Senator Bill Heffernan, which included judges, prosecutors, and even a former prime minister. In response, Prime Minister John Howard enacted a ninety-year publication ban on the list.18

Empire of Sin

As you read these instances of pedophilia cover-ups in your society, carried out by law enforcement and those in power, you may wonder how deep this network runs. It runs all the way to the top. Here is but one example: During Hillary Clinton’s run for the US presidency in 2016, her campaign manager, John Podesta, was embroiled in a pedophilia scandal known as Pizzagate, which came to light after many of Podesta’s emails were leaked.19 In these emails, Podesta and his associates make frequent references to a specific pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong Club, as well as “pizza-related” handkerchiefs, “Thelema favors,” and many other seemingly nonsensical topics. Brace yourself, for you are about to confront a disturbing truth.

In January 2007, the FBI published a paper detailing signs and symbols used by pedophiles and sex traffickers to refer to the characteristics of the children being trafficked, and these symbols have been found on many businesses frequented in elite circles—including Comet Ping Pong Club.20 In their coded language, the children are pizza, with different types of pizza referring to different genders and appearances of children. The code, in conjunction with the content of Podesta’s emails, strongly implies Comet Ping Pong Club was a front for child trafficking.21

Consider the owner of the pizzeria, James Alefantis, who brazenly posted to his Instagram account an image of a young girl restrained to a table with masking tape, and even one of a baby holding stacks of sequentially numbered euros with the currency strap still in place, something typically only seen in the criminal underworld. On another post of an unknown baby, someone commented, “Cuteness is very serious business. Seriously.” In yet another Instagram post, Alefantis uploaded an image of a doll with a sign saying, “German baby, $1,200” and left a comment that this was “way overpriced.” Many other images used in the company’s advertising strategy posted on employee accounts show pornographic acts that have been censored with slices of pizza.22

Clinton’s former chief of staff, Tamera Luzzatto, was also implicated in the Pizzagate scandal. In another of the leaked emails, Luzzatto spoke of transporting children to a “pool party” as “further entertainment.” On her personal blog titled Evie’s Crib, now made private after the Pizzagate scandal became public knowledge, she offered up her own daughter with the headline “Evelyn is growing up. Soon she will be the queen of the entire US of A. Right now, for a limited time only, you can spend some time with her online, raw and uncut.”23

After the evidence mounted that horrific events were taking place in the pizzeria, a man walked into Comet Ping Pong Club with a semiautomatic rifle to rescue children supposedly being kept in the basement. He found none, and the ruling class was able to package all of the evidence from this incident as the delusions of a lone, violent nut, and thereby silence all further discussion about the pedophilia ring being valid.

But is this a clear case of self-motivated vigilantism? Is it not odd that the Internet Movie Database profile photo for this perpetrator, an actor with several credits to his name, is a cropped version of the one taken during his arrest following the incident at Comet Ping Pong? And is it not curious that just one month earlier, he was arrested for driving his car into a teenager, causing injury to his head, torso, and leg, yet he was able to leave the state and drive to Washington DC to play out a heroic fantasy at Comet Ping Pong? Could it be that Edgar Maddison Welch’s act of vigilantism was a sort of plea deal that would be used to deflect attention away from Alefantis, painting him and his patrons as victims, and providing an excuse to shut down all discussion about his criminal activities?24

The judge who oversaw the trial of the Pizzagate vigilante, Ketanji Brown Jackson, has a record of being especially lenient on the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children. It seems quite coincidental, does it not, that she was assigned to this case, especially since she doled out a harsh sentence, perhaps sending a message to other would-be vigilantes trying to shut down this pedophile ring.25 Since the Pizzagate trial, Jackson has been appointed to the US Supreme Court, where she will serve for the rest of her natural life. In the face of massive criticism, CNN legal expert and public masturbator Jeffrey Toobin had the temerity to echo Jackson’s opinion that child pornography laws are too strict because the Internet had made it so easy to create and distribute huge quantities of it.26

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that names and organizations connected with the ruling class and their nefarious purposes are repeated again and again. Case in point: In addition to being part of this pedophilia ring, John Podesta is a prominent UFO disclosure advocate, another connection he shares with Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill. Is this a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that Jan Harzan, the former executive director of the Mutual UFO Network, had to resign in disgrace after it was discovered he was a pedophile?27

Where are all these pedophiles coming from, how are they getting into positions of such power and influence, and why are they so well protected by law enforcement and the justice system? As you will see in the next section, the Nephilim have been using this sexual abuse strategy for millennia to create Manchurian candidates, who now sit at all levels of power throughout your world.

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Published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License.


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  1. This chapter does not provide even 10% of what has already been exposed by Janet Ossebaard in a series of videos about US (and world's) high-level pedophiles.

    And this sick bastard Alefantes is actually a Rothchild, which is how a seemingly lowly scum Pizza guy had connections and access to and power over all these cheap whores — the clintons, the obamas, etc.

    Episodes 4, 5, and 6 are the ones about the global pedophile ring which includes royal families in Europe, Vatican, the entire Hollywood (of the same ethnic background as this sicko Alefantes-Rothchild), the main reason why Mel Gibson (and later Jay-Z) was ostracized by these parasites.

    Watch, it is absolutely worth 30-40 min per episode. You will not see your "governments" in the same way ever again.

    Part 4 – Childlovers Everywhere:

    Part 5 – Children, Art, and Pizza:

    Part 6 – Major Media Manipulation:

    I highly recommend watching most of Janet's episodes. But if the sicko pedophiles ruling over us is the only interest, then the above 3 episodes are choke full of information about all those Satanic scum.

    1. Stay tuned, this is only the warm up!

      I’ve seen both of Ossebaard’s series and there’s a lot in this chapter that she doesn’t touch upon, coming in the next 3 posts.

      1. I am looking forward to it.

        (though I know it does sound very weird to be looking forward to learning more about how sick and f***ed up our entire world is)…

  2. The problem with virtually all of this is that there is no evidence and it makes no sense. Especially the Pizzagate BULLSHIT. Imagining insane conspiracies about pedophiles distracts from REAL VICTIMS.

    1. Part 3 of this series deals with a hoax that your source, Bill Schnoebelen, has been uncritically repeating. He may, in fact, be a part of the misdirection campaign.

  3. Mark, I notice there was no link for "Crimen Sollicitationis",
    It is here: .

    You have apparently not read it. That document pertains strictly to the seal of Confession, which may not be betrayed. This was not a coverup, but the formulation of a Canonical protocol to deal with grotesquely debauched priests who violate the Confessional and Confessor, directly or otherwise, and to prosecute them without risking to violate that Seal of Confession.
    Those who do not hold and live the Faith cannot understand the Confessional Seal for lack of a frame of reference in which to grasp it. But this caricature of Crimen Sollicitationis was a mistake which misinforms readers in regards to the Church, unjustly scandalizing based on the sloppy reporting of false interpretations of material that is beyond the author's grasp. In the process, you have harmed the credibility of your reporting by not looking into the sources quoted by that book, and likely others as well.

    Though there are ample contemporary examples or pedophilia criminality in the Church, like "St." John Paul II" hiding infamous outlaw Cardinal Bernardine in the Vatican while a wanted man. Know that the infiltration of the church with such effluent was a professionally executed act of sabotage on a stunningly massive scale – Read up on reformed Communist Bella Dodd, and others of her kind.

    1. You must have missed the sections 11-13 where the entire incident is handled by a secret tribunal, and all parties (including the victim) are gagged under threat of excommunication.

      The police are never informed of the crime.

      If that’s not a cover up, what is?

  4. Years ago I read about a ritual that involved pedophilia in upper elitist's circles. It involved horrific acts witnessed and videoed by the elitist's in order for the new member to be accepted and join the upper circle. When I read it I literally refused to believe it was true, yet here we are and it doesn't seem to be so far fetched now. I have searched the web for that article and am unable to locate it again, even with non google search engines. Is this something anyone else has read? Could someone point me toward it again? I'd like to reread it with a more non-disbelieving eye.

  5. I know there are sexual predators of children and such, but to manipulate people, who are stupid and weak by nature, you don't need everything the book suggests: a lot of work for little effect. As the covid hoax showed, 24/7 propaganda is enough.

    But bad literature attracts people unaccustomed to good literature, and conservatives, for whom this book and article were clearly written, are not the best readers.

  6. This book draws you in and promises knowledge and salvation, but I'm very angry I even started. History of Atlantis in first chapter is entertaining, often interesting, though dubious. Feels knitted like Lord of the rings. Second chapter pulls together some very poor unified theory, so I completely lost the interest. Last chapters advocate psychedelics.

    There is no spirituality here. We are not animals who evolved on this planet, but life, planted in these bodies.

    I don't need another scaremongering end rewiring of already twisted history. History is not a solid matter. I can not stand upon this and declare myself a new man.

    I understand that some may consider this book a good read, but it will only further the New age agenda and pull more people astray. For clean seekers I recommend a similar book: Scientia Sacra by Bela Hamvas.

  7. I was yawning throughout because this was all super old information, until I read about "Justice" Jackson's role in the Welch case. That was news to this decades long researcher, but the rest? How does anyone else in the TDV sphere not already know all that?

    Done busting balls, going to sign up for the newsletter and see what else you're talking about. Found this site looking for a book review, hope there's more here on the book, hopefully something both new to me AND supported with Hugh quality source material…

    Throwing y'all a bone:

    Paul Anthony Wallis

    Search him out on YouTube, on his self titled website, and at

    He's kind of a noon wrt "conspiracy" stuff, but if you're into all things Nephelim/Elohim, Anunnaki and comparative mythology, from a credentialed biblical language and theology teacher who was also an Anglican pastor for 3 decades before finding the scriptural evidence that Yahweh was one of the Elohim, basically an Anunnaki, not the cosmic creator, NOT the Heavenly Father that Jesus/Yeshua was talking about – Paul Wallis is the best source I've found for that. Check out his "Eden" series of books, four so far. He's not steeped in all the conspiracy information, so keep that in mind and cut him some slack.

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