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August 28, 2023


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This is the third instalment of chapter 15 of The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya, published by the Library of Cernê.

Here the author explores the circus act that is modern day “Satanism”, its symbols, and the activities they engage in, which help to cover up the true evil being committed. You will learn how they’ve appropriated the symbols of other groups in order to confuse the public and misdirect their attention on to other, innocent parties. In many cases, the adherents of these “Satanic” groups are victims themselves, trapped in yet another false paradigm created by the ruling elites. The leaders of these organizations, however, appear fully cognizant of the active attempt at deception they’re putting on.

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Signs and Satan’s Jesters

You have already learned in Chapter 13 of the misdirection and lies spread by the Nephilim to hide themselves and keep you distracted, and now you shall see how it is being used to keep you from considering how they are defiling the innocent. For, just as there exists a political Left and Right to keep you trapped in a false dichotomy, so is religion marked by such a fallacy.

Many people have grown disillusioned with the mainstream religions, and rightly so, but rather than discover true spirituality, they have been herded into yet another false paradigm, one replete with false idols and unholy practices of its own. Satanism and its adherents unwittingly serve as a convenient distraction from the nameless and truly evil groups ruling your world.

Satanists can trace their iconography to French occultist Éliphas Lévi, who died a mere five months before the birth of Aleister Crowley. Lévi is most famous for his 1856 creation of the image of Baphomet, also referred to as the Sabbatic Goat or the Goat of Mendes. After learning about the Catholic Church’s swift extermination of the Knights Templar in 1307 for supposedly murdering and consuming children, as well as worshipping a false idol bearing the name of Baphomet, Lévi drew what he felt was the image of the demonic entity the Templars were said to be worshiping.


His drawing may have been inspired by Horatio Greenough’s 1840 sculpture of George Washington, for Lévi drew Baphomet with the same posture as Washington: seated bare-chested on a “throne,” front facing, the right hand raised with an upward-pointing finger and left arm resting on the chair.

The Nephilim often plant the symbols of their mockery and ridicule in plain sight of the public. The 1840 George Washington sculpture was itself a mockery of the first president of the United States. The descendants of the Nephilim sculpted him in the same pose as a Roman Emperor, knowing that Washington was firmly against the concept of himself as king and deified ruler. This insult was their way of signaling that they had infiltrated the United States, and that they were gaining control. George Washington himself knew of their efforts: in two letters stored at the Library of Congress, he talks about his awareness of a dark order of European intelligentsia attempting to take control of the new nation.1

In his 1856 book Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, where the depiction of Baphomet first appeared, Lévi describes this icon in detail:

The goat which is represented in our frontispiece bears upon his forehead the sign of the pentagram with one point in the ascendant, which is sufficient to distinguish him as a symbol of the light; he makes the sign of occultism with both hands, pointing upward to the white moon of Chesed, and downward to the black moon of Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice … The dread Baphomet henceforth, like all monstrous idols, enigmas of antique science and its dreams, is only an innocent and even pious hieroglyph.2

Because he was ignorant of the Nephilim’s infiltration of the Catholic Church, rather than rebut the blood libel leveled at the Templars, Lévi sought to use this drawing to put a spin on the Church’s claims, in effect admitting that the Templars were worshipping Lévi’s creation, though they did not actually believe Baphomet was a demon. By making this image into a mystic union of opposites, he unwittingly opened the door for further perversions and gave the Nephilim a convenient bogeyman with which to menace the ignorant masses.

Who were the Knights Templar? They were a widely respected military order whose mission was to protect the Christian pilgrims traveling to and from the Holy Land during the time of the Crusades. For them to be swiftly rounded up and slaughtered without trial speaks to a mystery at the heart of their extermination. Could it be that the Templars had discovered the Church was in fact responsible for abusing and sacrificing Christian children in ancient Punic rituals? If so, they would have posed a threat to the Church, a threat that could not be tolerated nor given a venue in which to defend themselves.

The Baphomet menace was used again to great effect in the 1890’s by Léo Taxil, the pen name of Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès, a French prankster who spent most of his adult life creating hoaxes with which to embarrass the Catholic Church. Sadly, even after confessing in the April 25, 1897, issue of Parisian newspaper Le Frondeur with great glee to the success of his Luciferian Masonic deception, many continue to believe his grand production was real.

Based on Lévi’s drawing, which turned Baphomet into a recognizable occult icon, a number of modern-day organizations have sprung up in worship of Satan, such as the Church of Satan, the Joy of Satan, and the Satanic Temple. Not all of these institutions believe in demonic worship; some call themselves rationalist anti-religious organizations and aim to mock God worshippers by pretending to serve the Devil. Yet these useful idiots also serve a purpose for the Nephilim, knowingly or unknowingly. In the Politics of Obedience, Étienne de La Boétie wrote,

It is pitiful to review the list of devices that early despots used to establish their tyranny; to discover how many little tricks they employed, always finding the populace conveniently gullible, readily caught in the net as soon as it was spread. Indeed they always fooled their victims so easily that while mocking them they enslaved them the more.3

By mocking God worshippers and the public, these pseudo-religious agencies make it easier for the Nephilim to ensnare people who have become jaded with mainstream religions. Just as the Nephilim have created a false Right-Left political divide, so too have they manufactured a holy-evil dichotomy: when disillusioned God worshippers leave the church, synagogue, or temple, the Nephilim are waiting with another community, another means of control.

The Church of Satan was the first of these modern pseudo-religious organizations, established by Anton Szandor LaVey at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on the equinox festival known as Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966. LaVey used the Sigil of Baphomet as the Church of Satan’s official insignia, an image that traces back to another French occultist, Stanislas de Guaita. In 1897, the year of his death, de Guaita published La Clef de la Magie Noire, in which his sigil encircled the demon Baphomet’s head with an inverted pentagram and included the names “Samael” and “Lilith” above and below it.4 Samael is one of the names of the evil Demiurge, from the Apocryphon of John, who is associated with Cronus. Another of its names is Yaldabaoth, whose form is described as a lion-headed serpent, not unlike the Mithraic god Aion, who is likewise associated with Cronus. LaVey found the sigil in his copy of Maurice Bessy’s 1964 book A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural, which had, for unknown reasons, omitted the names from the sigil.


Since its inception, LaVey’s Church of Satan has attracted many celebrities, including musicians Sammy Davis Jr., Liberace, and Marilyn Manson, as well as actress Jayne Mansfield. Even Chelsea Clinton herself has had online exchanges with the Church of Satan.5

Nearly fifty years after LaVey established the Church of Satan, Lucien Greaves—whose given first name is Doug and given surname is alternately presented as Mesner or Misicko—created the Satanic Temple.6 Like LaVey, Mesner founded his church upon the image of Baphomet, turning Lévi’s drawing into a statue with an inverted pentagram behind the demon’s head and a child on either side of his chair, gazing upward at the false god. Mesner claims he and the members of the organization simply want equal representation alongside Christianity, Judaism, and other established religions as guaranteed by the US Constitution. Yet, an examination of his personal history reveals some important ulterior motives.

In the early 1990s, a woman by the name of Jennifer Freyd recovered memories of sexual trauma inflicted upon her by her father, Peter. He denied the accusations and, though not a psychiatrist himself, coined the term “False Memory Syndrome” to explain away his daughter’s experience. To this day, False Memory Syndrome is not a recognized diagnosis by anyone in the psychiatric profession; it is a pseudoscience.7

Nevertheless, in 1992, Peter founded the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), which attracted a number of pro-pedophilia figures to its leadership. The FMSF took issue with dissociative identity disorder, which psychologists had recognized as a diagnosis for decades, and with the phenomenon of ritual abuse, seeking to have both completely erased from discussion. The FMSF set out on a crusade to harass any psychologist discussing ritual abuse or helping victims recover from the trauma inflicted by it.8

False Memory Syndrome can only be regarded as an abuse of psychology, not at all unlike the old diagnosis of “drapetomania,” used in the days of slavery to explain why those in forced servitude would want to flee their masters. Yet another would be “sluggish schizophrenia,” invented by the Russian communists to diagnose and oppress their critics.

Regardless, this fake science became a topic of study at Harvard University, which is where this story finally catches up to Doug Mesner, who was a neuroscience student there in the early 2000s, specializing in the “syndrome.”9 Coincidentally, around this time Jeffrey Epstein became a major donor to Harvard, enjoying unfettered access to the campus and even his own office, sponsoring projects in order to seed the human race with his own DNA.10 Whether Mesner and Epstein ever crossed paths remains the subject of speculation, but the likeness of their acts and attitudes suggests some sort of kinship.

Around the same time that he started at Harvard, Mesner befriended Shane Bugbee, reverend of the Church of Satan and Vice Media writer, over their mutual love of a foundational satanic text known as Might Is Right, written in 1896 by Ragnar Redbeard. So influential was this book that Anton LaVey transferred much of it verbatim into his own work, The Satanic Bible. Redbeard advocates amorality, consequentialism, social darwinism, and psychological hedonism as well as nihilistically disavowing the natural law.

In addition to Satanism, the book found wide circulation in white supremacist groups, highlighting the deep connections between Nazis, eugenicists, Satanists, those ruling from the ivory tower, and their Nephilim ancestors of old.

In 2011, Mesner and Bugbee began planning to write a Might Is Right sequel that would be, according to an email sent by Mesner to Bugbee, “a manual for coercion and manipulation. More evil than the first book by orders of magnitude.”11 The theme of the book would be how to best achieve individual gain, as well as how to drive others to violence while thinking it was the perpetrator’s own idea.

In January 2013, after a former Florida governor signed a bill allowing student-led religious speech at school assemblies, Mesner and Bugbee worked on a film project that involved a staged rally at the Florida State Capitol. That project was called “The Satanic Temple,” conceived as a fake documentary about the (fictional) “nicest Satanic cult in the world” celebrating the governor’s decision. Bugbee was originally asked to play the part of “Lucien Greaves,” the leader of the Satanic Temple, but when he learned that he would not have final editorial control of his own image and depiction, he turned down the role. Mesner took the role and even assumed the name and identity of Lucien Greaves in everyday life.12

By 2014, the Satanic Temple had officially begun at Harvard, with Mesner holding “Black Masses” on campus. He also garnered a reputation for harassing the victims of sexual abuse in many, many online posts.13 Around this time, Mesner and Bugbee had a falling out, mainly because Bugbee now felt Mesner only wanted to exploit Satanism for money, leading Bugbee to criticize Mesner and expose his agenda in a personal blog, claiming Mesner had disclosed that he wrote reports for the CIA.14 In a sworn statement submitted to the eastern district court of Arkansas on April 18, 2020, Bugbee made many allegations regarding Mesner’s ties to fascism, white supremacy, and other ideologies favored by the ruling class. In one place, Bugbee remarked that Mesner

is sympathetic to fascist ideology and its emphasis on power. He has taken a particular interest in Mussolini, even visiting Italy to see Mussolini’s birthplace. Doug also has a Process P Cross tattoo, which is a power symbol derived from the Swastika.15

After the dissolution of the FMSF, in 2019, the Satanic Temple took up their mission of harassing and persecuting both patients and their doctors—anyone discussing the phenomenon of ritual abuse—to the point that one therapist gave up her license.16

Here again is the plain truth about the Satanic Temple and other pseudo-religious groups: they are tools of the Nephilim to redirect attention away from what is truly happening, “prebunking” truth and poisoning people’s minds against the possibility that ritual abuse and other horrors really exist. In a truly bizarre example, the seven tenets of Satanism were slipped into a presentation to the US Army as a way to prebunk skepticism around vaccines and shame soldiers into obeying the mandate.17 In addition, Mesner himself sued a public school, and won the right to have his demoralizing ideology taught there as well.18

How does a licentious character like Doug Mesner come to have so much influence over American institutions, to the point of gaining free publicity from the US military? As you might suspect, he has friends in high places. Judges seem to side with him, though he has no credibility, and with every frivolous lawsuit Mesner files, he alienates more and more people from his organization.19 Could he possess so much power if he wasn’t somehow helping those in the ivory tower? Perhaps even more strangely, the Anti-Defamation League not only has no response to Doug Mesner’s open anti-Semitism, but they also issued a defense of his attempts to introduce satanic clubs to public schools.20

These methods are hardly unique; they have been employed before by other criminal conspiracies to confuse the public about their existence. Consider the Italian-American Civil Rights League, formed in 1970 by the Colombo crime family. It was used by the Cosa Nostra as a public relations front to deny the existence of the American Mafia and improve the image of mobsters. Not only were they successful at persuading the FBI to deny the existence of the Mafia for decades, but they even convinced the US attorney general at the time, John Mitchell, to order the Justice Department to expunge the words “Mafia” and “Cosa Nostra” from all of their communications.21

There is yet one more sign used by Satan’s jesters, a symbol whose intended purpose has been hijacked by the Nephilim and carried on by unsuspecting jesters of Satan: the inverted cross. Lévi, along with another occultist by the name of Eugène Vintras, popularized the idea that an inverted cross is a symbol of the antichrist. Others refute this symbology, however, claiming that the inverted cross is actually reminiscent of the manner in which Saint Peter died. Behold, for you shall now learn more of this sign.

The tradition that Saint Peter was crucified upside down is a lie popularized by Eusebius of Caesarea in his Historia Ecclesiastica.22 Known throughout the ancient and present world for dishonesty, in Praeparatio Evangelica, Eusebius lists the ideas Plato supposedly got from Moses, including the idea that telling lies in order to turn people towards his “truth” was not only permissible, but good.23 Indeed, he was quite favorable towards this idea, being most famous for forging a passage about Jesus into Josephus’s Antiquities of the Jews and taking many other liberties with his sources in order to advance his version of Christianity.24

With regard to Peter’s upside-down crucifixion, Eusebius attributes his statement to Origen, the proudly admitted liar whom we have previously discussed. Origen likely drew from the apocryphal Acts of Peter, a text of unknown authorship that did not appear until the very end of the second century. In fact, the first suggestion that Saint Peter was crucified at all that can be attributed to a known author did not appear until more than a century after his death in Adversus Gnosticos Scorpiace, a treatise composed by Tertullian of Carthage, only a few decades before Origen.25 Thus, the entirety of Catholic belief about Peter’s crucifixion rests upon a single sentence, written centuries after the event, by one admitted liar, and attributed to another admitted liar. No one truly knows when, where, or in what manner Peter actually died.

If you look closely at photographs and videos of prominent public figures such as Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill, you will find evidence that some wear the inverted cross, this symbol of anti-Christianity or Satanism.26 Indeed, she has been photographed multiple times wearing this unholy icon, and when knowledge of this became widespread, she declared every photograph a forgery and presented a picture of a Greek cross, with arms of equal length, as the true pendant she was wearing.27

Know this: no original unaltered photographs have ever been produced, which would have easily proved her claims of tampering. Chelsea is herself a Methodist, her husband is Jewish, so why would she wear the talisman of the Eastern Orthodox Church?

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