Why Wokeness is Doomed

It may seem to be the dominating force of our zeitgeist, but four mega-trends of reality are making The True Cost of Wokeness more apparent with increasing intensity every day.

How to Protect Yourself from Davos Man

The tension between Davos Man and the Sovereign Individual lays out two distinct pathways for the future. They will both occur, and which one you participate in will be largely self-selecting.

Why The Cantillon Effect Creates Communism

Turns out Keynes was a Commie Awareness of the centuries old concept of The Cantillion Effect has been experiencing a revival of late, particularly since the extraordinary acceleration of monetary injections that occurred under COVID. Named for the French-Irish economist who died in 1734 (he was murdered), the Cantillon Effect is when you create a […]

The War on ‘Woke’ Capitalism has begun

We’re past the “crypto is here to stay” phase and into the early innings of hyper-Bitcoinization. There will be no crypto ban, and Peter Thiel declared war on “woke” capitalism. Here are the five big takeaways from the #Bitcoin2022 conference.

Cancel-Culture Goes Full Hobbesian

We’ve entered a Hobbesian dynamic of everybody canceling everybody else. Now that even the financial system itself has been weaponized, Bitcoin is the peacemaker.

GoFundMe just proved Bitcoin’s use case

GoFundMe just made the use case for Bitcoin undeniable to everybody. At the same time, they gave you a preview of what life will be like if you ever become reliant on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)