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Money, like God, will not do things for us. We must do things for them in order to receive their true value.

Is Bitcoin a Religious Cult or Is It Freedom?

At the beginning of last week, everyone expected central banks to “tighten until something breaks”. By the end of the week it was clear that they’d already broken pretty much everything.

And Just Like That, The Tight Money Era Is Over

The Elites are bailing out their own banks, not yours. Once again, the government is picking winners and losers. Just like under lockdowns when they shut down small businesses and forced everybody into Costco and Wal-Mart.

Is your bank “important” enough to save? Don’t count on it.

The relationship between Silicon Valley Bank, our attention spans, and our money.

A Mismatch of Short and Long-Term Interest

Is the hyper-masculinity movement of Andrew Tate a CIA invention?

Andrew Tate: King of the Simps

According to the IMF there are four phases of hyperinflation that bisect into two stages. I submit that there is a “phase 0” that irrevocably commits a currency to the inevitable progression. We’ve been in Phase 0 for 50 years.

The Four Phases of Hyperinflation, According To The IMF

The temptations that a fiat currency brings creates a system optimized for attracting sociopaths.

The Real American Conspiracy: Stupidity & Greed, A True Idiocracy

The government and media endlessly repeated the falsehood that the #FreedomConvoy was funded by foreign actors who sought to destabilize our democracy – now it turns out the CCP really did interfere in the 2021 election, in favour of Justin Trudeau. Imagine that.

Let’s talk foreign interference in Canadian democracy – CCP edition.

About Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark is a 30-year veteran of Internet, the co-founder & CEO of easyDNS Technologies, a Toronto based web services company, and the author of two books about the internet, including Unassailable: Protect Yourself from Cancel-Culture, Deplatform Attacks, and other Online Disasters.

He has been invested in gold and silver for over 20 years, been involved in the crypto-currency space since 2013 and written numerous essays featured across the web on topics ranging from technology, privacy and  censorship to Austrian school economics, value investing and crypto-currencies.

He's served on the Board of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority and currently serves as Director to the Internet Society, Canada Chapter.

In another incarnation he was a guitar player in various punk and heavy metal bands in London and Toronto, ON. 

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Charles Hugh Smith

"Mark gives you a roadmap not to just survive, but prosper."

Tyler Durden


"Jeftovic is the real deal. He knew crypto was a game changer back when most business leaders were in denial"

Karen something, probably....

Departing easyDNS Customer

"I have been increasingly concerned with the tone of the weekly emails sent by the CEO, and took a look at his twitter recently, which was quite disturbing. I can't support a company run by an individual of this nature. "

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