November 1, 2022

“Sooner or Later,
Everyone Sits Down to a Banquet of Consequences”

On the very first day of this year I wrote that the pandemic was over and that only the most brainwashed true believers would cling to the absurd narratives that enabled it. Since then, all of it has been exposed to be falsehoods, cluelessness and lies:

  • Vaccines were never tested or proven to stop transmission.
  • The fatality rate was around 0.005%
  • Ivermectin worked
  • Masks don’t
  • Lockdowns did more damage than good

…and the final straws for the credibility of all involved:

  • This thing came out of a lab, and
  • “Safe and effective” turned into “sudden and unexpected”

Innumerable careers, reputations and lives have been destroyed in order to enforce a completely debunked narrative as truth. The mainstream media, Big Tech, governments at all levels, neo-liberal glee clubs like the WEF, all coordinated to gaslight the entire population of the world that we were facing existential annihilation, and would have to henceforth trade in our civil liberties and basic human rights to these authorities to escape it (get ready to hear that one again…)

The economic damage is only now beginning to be felt in runaway inflation with central banks powerless to contain it, at risk of destroying what’s left of the economy.

We don’t need to enumerate the litany of injustice, ridicule and persecution  anybody who tried to counter these absurd narratives had to endure. Lost friends, family, jobs, position, businesses, cancelations, deplatformings – all of it.

So it is unsurprising now that the edifice is crumbling, that those who feathered their nest being “on the right side of history”, seeing that it’s all turning to dust in realtime, are trying to back away from their complicity.

The name of the game now is to try to extract oneself from the most intense and virulent outbreaks of mass formation psychosis in recorded history:


There are many who were up to their eyeballs in this who will now try to frame themselves as “the voice of reason” who were trying to introduce some rationality into the conversation.

Don’t believe them.

Nothing Forgotten. Nothing Forgiven.

If the globally botched pandemic response accomplished one thing, it was to open many people’s eyes to how obsolete and ill equipped our current institutions are for handling a global crisis in this new, decentralized, multi-polar world.

While these oligarchs and technocrats believed they had Divine Right to “re-imagine” every aspect of our lives for some grandiose Great Reset; it’s these self-appointed elites and the sclerotic, self-serving institutions they inhabit who are going to get their asses re-imagined. With a vengeance.

Here’s a few ways that you can start to reclaim your life, and take your power back from those who abused it and used their positions against you:

  1. Vote out any politician who imposed lockdowns or vaccine mandates – regardless of party affiliation. At least the ones who doubled down on them after it became clear how destructive and ineffective they were.
  2. Cancel all paid subscriptions to the mainstream media – you’re better off supporting the many independent outlets and those doing real journalism and providing high-signal content.
  3. Advocate for defunding state-run media apparatuses: NPR in the US, CBC in Canada, BBC in the UK, et al. Stop watching it, listening to it or reading any of their articles. Whatever you do, never click their stories in your timelines or on an ads on their websites. Starve them out.
  4. Time for a Big Tech cleanse: Start looking at alternatives to Big Tech. Try using alternative search engines like Duck and Presearch, Facebook is quickly becoming irrelevant (while Twitter may be fun for awhile longer given the meltdowns over the Musk takeover), and there are other places ascending like Gettr, Minds and MeWe.
  5. Remember who wouldn’t do business with or employ you: Chart your own course and from now on if you’re hiring, or scouting vendors, check their socials: were they demonizing lockdown skeptics? Hashtagging “#Freedumb”? (Better start scrubbing those timelines, mofos)
  6. Buy Bitcoin. Yes, I’m shilling BTC because Bitcoin is the global opt-out – stacking sats is calling b/s on everything – and for the past two years everything has been b/s.

There will be no pandemic amnesty. #NoPandemicAmnesty

By the time this is all over, we’re more likely to see pandemic tribunals.


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About the author 

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Bombthrower and CEO of, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages.

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  1. I completely agree, but have learned to not get my hopes up.

    All of the ills must be addressed and corrected and that means some amount of retribution, contrition, and expulsion. At the same time, the truth-tellers, skeptics, and others punished by the COVID cabal must not only be restored, but heralded and even rewarded for their efforts. This can not be swept onto the trash heap of history, only to be remembered when it's convenient.

  2. Amnesty and forgiveness are not the same things. When asked if I will forgive someone I will always say yes because anything else amounts to self-harm. However, you can forgive someone and still demand justice for the victims. Amnesty should NOT be granted to the perps of 💉☠️

  3. their best weapon is msm, who's gonna pour millions into sponsoring no jab like pharma puts into pro-jab, would need an angel trillionaire, F*CK MSM!

  4. A teeny nitpick though I'm still with you on the overall point you made.

    If every one of the 7 points that you mentioned turned out to be the correct decision made, would you say it was justified?
    I personally would say it's an emphatic NO.

    That those decisions turned out to be wrong in hindsight is irrelevant. ( And trust me most people would still be delusional to think that they were and are correct).

    My point is that in a truly civilized society no one should be be able to dictate what is good for you to start with. The moment they are allowed to do do ( even if they are 100% correct) it's a slippery slope. Of course 'society' was never truly civilized to start with, but that is another topic for another days.

  5. Sure, Bitcoin, but if you really want to help bring an end to TPTB ….. GET PHYSICAL SILVER IN YOUR POSSESSION WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

    1. I love silver. Have been stacking it for decades (since the late 90’s)

      But silver doesn’t pose an existential threat to central banks the way Bitcoin does.

  6. Agree totally. We are likely to see something analogous to the Nuremberg Trials for this pandemic nonsense.
    I'll be blunt: SARS2 was no pandemic virus. With its fataility rate and its ease of treatment with IVM and HCQ+Zinc… there is no reason why one person should have died WITH SARS2.
    And let us be honest on another point: People were not dying from SARS2 itself. They were dying in hospitals from the treatment with Remdesivir (kills kidneys and livers) and Ventilators (blow out lungs).
    My own parents died because of this pandemic nonsense… father wasting away in a nursing home from a healthy 200 pounds down to 130 pounds after having heart bypass surgery… which he recovered handsomely from the surgery, it was when he caught SARS2 as a known transplant patient with a compromised immune system that he started going downhill.
    And, to put the criminal cherry on top… they sent him home to us with SARS2, never having done a test even though he had a cough like a death rattle, gave SARS2 to my mother and killed her indirectly due to me getting terrified in May 2020 (at the beginning of SARS2 scamdemic) and sending her to the hospital where even though she could talk and breathe on her own, they wanted to put her on a ventilator. I was stupid… and allowed them to do that and then I allowed them to put her on Remdesivir because they LIED to me about its effectiveness, both from the doctors and in the media.

  7. bro are you serious? were you even paying attention when no one was punished for the iraqi wmd lie? bro, grow up. quit larping. nothing is going to happen.

    1. How many Americans died and wounded in Iraq/Afghanistan war? Without ever belittling their sacrifice we're talking millions world wide who died because of their criminality and people are continuing to die- the consequences of the jab are far from over. I agree it will be an uphill battle but it must occur. The globalists want to depopulate the planet. We NEED a new Nuremburg. If we don't they will repeat at the very next opportunity.

  8. Atlantic Media, which ran the Oster article, is owned by billionaire Laurene Powell-Jobs who is a director at the liberal-fascist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), along with former Atlantic owner and fellow billionaire David Bradley. The Economist is partly owned by billionaire CFR member Lynn F. de Rothschild.

    CFR members on the "Biden team" include the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, and Homeland Security. Also the CIA director, Fed chairman, and dozens more. Jeffrey Zients, Biden's "Covid Coordinator" during the vax rollout, the mandates, etc is a CFR member, a WEF Young Global Leader, and a business partner of David Bradley.

    These people would like for us to ignore the results of their lies, their arrogance, and their disastrous policies, while they "move on" with the CFR/UN/WEF global governance agenda.

  9. Caught you on WarRoom just now Mr Jeftovic,
    I seem to recall a recent short story or commentary about the "neighbors" who lived near N a z i P a r t y administrators and/or employees. Supposedly just normal-every-day citizens who, after the war ended, were subsequently dragged from their homes and taken to N e u r e n b u r g. I'm not suggesting that this "should" happen today, but it "could"…

  10. Outstanding take on this. These elites are fools if they think we will forget their culpability in these garbage policies.

  11. When I first saw the "request for amnesty" article at the Atlantic, I remembered that scene from Saving Private Ryan "Don't shoot. Let them Burn."

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